20 People Who Aren't As Good With Photoshop As They Think They Are

Ashley Hunte
An oddly edited picture of an engaged couple with freakishly white teeth.
reddit | todflakes

Everyone has a few things about their faces or bodies that make them feel insecure. So it's natural to want to blur or hide those parts in pics that you post to social media.

But some people take that idea too far, and usually in the most baffling ways. The people in this list might need to step away from the photo editing apps for a while.

"Didn’t realize legs bend backwards."

A woman whose knees make no anatomical sense.
reddit | stokesaphone

Looking at the stairs in the background, it looks like this picture was warped in the weirdest of ways. How do you not notice wonky knees before sticking this up on social media for the world to see?

"Random girl that followed me on Instagram…."

A woman whose face is very clearly edited to look almost cartoonish.
reddit | lynxxxi

I'm not exaggerating when I think apps like FaceTune are some of the worst things to hit social media. We have people looking like uncanny valley cartoon people, pretending that's how their faces actually look.

"Bro, the barbell is bent... She has many others but this one was especially egregious."

A pic of a female bodybuilder that's clearly edited, as evident by the bent barbell behind her.
reddit | IlluminationRock

Even if you've never been to the gym before, you probably know that barbells aren't supposed to bend like that. But I guess some people don't care if their pics look obviously edited.


A guy with an unnaturally small waist in proportion to his shoulders and biceps.
reddit | stfx2012

It really doesn't help that he's dressed like a character out of Dragon Ball Z. But, uh, you can really see how thin his one arm is in comparison to the other, and that kind of gives away that this is totally fake.

"I really like her, but this is ridiculous. What's wrong with having armpits?? wtf..."

A woman whose armpit has been smoothed strangely.
reddit | mgdae

Of all the things to try and airbrush, I can't say I've ever seen an armpit smoothed out like this before. It's like not having hair on your pits is enough anymore.

"What’s up with her top?"

A picture of a woman who edited her chest to look bigger, warping her top in the process.
reddit | stanmarsh53

I'm not saying you should edit pictures of yourself to make your chest look bigger, but if you do, maybe don't wear a ribbed top. At least then the warping would be so painfully obvious.

"Interesting refrigerator design."

A pic of a woman. She's been edited to look curvier, as evident by the warping in the fridge in the background.
reddit | CrealityReality

What if that pic is actually perfectly normal, and she just has a fridge that's weirdly bent for some reason. Like, that's definitely not the case, but it would be kind of funny if it were.

"What’s on her mom's Facebook vs what’s on her Insta."

A picture of a girl next to a picture of the same girl, clearly edited to look different.
reddit | Healthy_Bumblebee980

You know, if you really want to fool your followers into thinking you look a certain way, it might be helpful to make sure your relatives don't post unedited pictures of yourself. Or, you could just not rely on the editing to begin with...

"That poor wall...."

An ad showing a woman wearing a dress, with obvious warping in the wall behind her.
reddit | Chemaroni

And people wonder why the dresses they buy online don't fit them the way they do the models. It's usually because they don't actually fit the models that way, either.

I don't know what's worse, though, the wall, or the fact that the dress was edited to look blue.

"Found one."

A very obviously edited pic of a woman with an extreme tan.
reddit | Electrical-Bedroom-6

It really feels like most of these influencer types are trying to look the exact same. And to be honest, it's kind of sad. If only we lived in a society that celebrated our natural features...

"A friend of mine does nails and for some reason she applies a filter to the hand shot as well as all her face shots."

Several pictures of a pair of hands with blue nails and skin that's edited to look unnaturally smooth.
reddit | YourMother8MyDog

Nothing screams "I'm good at doing nails" quite like having a bunch of pics of weirdly edited hands. It makes you wonder if she edited the nails at all.

"How tf can that many people not see the editing. It looks so obvious to me."

A picture of a woman who looks eerily unnatural.
reddit | floatygreenthing

Everything about this pic just seems off in the weirdest way. The whole body looks super edited, but the face is giving uncanny valley. FaceTune strikes again.

"Golden hour party of one."

A picture of three men and a woman; only the woman's face is edited.
reddit | sportyspice12

She really said, "I don't care what the rest of you guys look like, but I need to look like I got a glowy tan on this green!" And now, I can't stop scratching my head over it.

"Wild to see such big hands."

A man with a small head and large hands.
reddit | katelovemiller

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say his hands are actually normal, it's his head that's throwing this pic off. It looks like the head was edited to look smaller, for some reason.


A man whose face and muscles are very clearly edited and exaggerated.
reddit | Mattias504

There's no way this isn't a joke. I mean, imagine purposefully making yourself look like a literal Gigachad and trying to pass it off as a genuine pic of yourself. There's absolutely no way.

"This guy photoshops his pics over a background to make it seem like he’s posing with a girl."

Pictures of a woman in various locations, with a man edited in.
reddit | younginvestor23

You know what? He almost did a good job. It's just badly edited enough, though, that it's just hilarious. Nice try.

"The skin tones don’t match."

A pic of a semi-topless man with an obviously edited face.
reddit | Jerome_Wireman

It looks like he edited someone else's face onto his body. It also looks like... he edited someone else's body onto his body. There's so much going on here, and I honestly don't know where to look.

"What on earth is going on with the lady in this picture?"

A picture of two people and a dog, which as been weirdly warped.
reddit | No_Angle2760

This has got to be one of the most baffling things I've ever seen. Not only is she warped in a way that makes no sense, but... the poor doggo is, too.

"Must be some new anti aging cream."

A woman whose face has been smoothed, but her neck and shoulders show wrinkles.
reddit | cels0_o

Not that there's anything wrong with wrinkles, but if you're going to go through all the effort to smooth your face, you might as well go for the neck, too. Just saying.

"They are staring into my soul..."

A picture of a couple with weirdly edited white teeth.
reddit | todflakes

I will never understand why people feel the need to make their teeth literally glow. It's just so weird. Plus, no one's gonna notice if your teeth are a little yellow, in any case.