People Can't Get Behind One Mom's Controversial Pregnancy Announcement

Sarah Kester
Pregnancy announcement
Unsplash | John Looy

Thanks to the internet (and some crazy people), pregnancies have become quite controversial

First, there are gender reveal parties, which tend to get out of hand. A recent one involved two pole dancers! Others have even been known to start wildfires around the world.

Then, there are pregnancy announcements that our eyes are still recovering from. 

Here’s one of them now. 

Baby announcement with child
Facebook | That's It, I'm Pregnancy Announcement Shaming

In what world is this okay? Most people don't want their parents to know that they had sex. And yet, these parents decided to list, you know (also a lot of it), as an ingredient for grandma to see?!

And this:

Weiner pregnancy announcement
Facebook | That's It, I'm Pregnancy Announcement Shaming

The only way this pregnancy announcement is okay is if the dad's last name is "Weiner."

If not, they were about as subtle as a gun in letting the world know that they're having a boy (or twin boys).

Ugh, this:

Couple announcing pregnancy
Facebook | That's It, I'm Pregnancy Announcement Shaming

We wanted to know that you're pregnant, not what position it took to make the thing. This is another hideous example of an announcement that no family members should see. Or the baby, when he or she is old enough.

'The Handmaid Tale' theme:

Handmaids Tale maternity shoot
Facebook | That's It, I'm Pregnancy Announcement Shaming

In case you're unaware of the concept of the show, here's why it's so wrong: the ladies in red are basically the sex slaves for couples who can't have kids. So dressing up as a rapist isn't a good look.

This next pregnancy announcement really got people fired up.

Woman upset
Giphy | Election 2020

An unidentified woman took to TikTok to share an idea that people won't want to copy for themselves. In the video, the woman said that her husband recently complained that the world was "too crazy."

She also said that his father had recently passed away.

Pregnant woman
Unsplash | Ryan Franco

Serving him a pee popsicle wasn't the right way to cheer him up, but that's exactly what she (unfortunately) did.

She even shared the nauseating process of making the surprise.

She placed her positive pregnancy test in a glass with a popsicle handle attached.

Pregnancy test popsicle
The Sun | The Sun

Then, she filled the glass with a blue liquid to make a homemade blue popsicle. After it froze, she happily handed it to her husband to eat.

People in the comments were absolutely horrified that she let her husband eat a pee popsicle.

Rose horrified
Giphy | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

"This might be the absolute worst one I've ever seen!" one wrote. "Why can't people just throw them away after using them? added another.

Some believe this "idea" should be illegal.

Unsplash | Fernando Andrade

"Any pee stick announcement is weird but THIS should be illegal," asserted one.

"Eww. Why are these things getting more and more extreme? This is the most disgusting one I think I’ve seen."

"Oh. My. GAWD. That’s a freaking no of an idea if there ever was one," added another.

Selena grossed
Giphy | HBO Max

Some, however, were curious about how the dad-to-be reacted when he reached the pregnancy test portion of that popsicle (this should never be an actual sentence).

"Not gonna lie though, I kind of want to see the look on his face when he learned what it was," someone added.

Man licking popsicle
The Sun | The Sun

Same. If we had to guess, it was probably joy at becoming a father and then disgust at the thought of licking his wife's pee.

Alright, that's enough internet for today!

H/T: The Sun