TikToker Sparks Debate After Sharing Cost For Family Trip To Universal Studios

Ashley Hunte
Exterior of Universal Studios, with giant globe in the foreground
Unsplash | Aditya Vyas

Just when you thought the cost of living couldn't get any higher, a TikToker and her family spent well over a thousand bucks for a single day at Universal Studios.

Sure, you're expecting a visit to the park to cost a pretty penny (you don't get to go to Universal every day, after all). But this is getting ridiculous.

Miranda Pearce shared the expense in a TikTok.

The Pearce family at Universal Studios.
TikTok | @mirandapearcemindset

The user (@mirandapearcemindset) was in disbelief at how much the day cost for her family of four, including parking and food. She posted the TikTok just a few days ago, and it has since gained over 1.5 million views.

Going through pictures and videos from the day, Miranda shows us what her family spent.

The Pearce Family's breakfast receipt, which cost them over $21.
TikTok | @mirandapearcemindset

First up is breakfast, which Miranda said cost $21.79. Next, they have to pay $27 just to park in Universal's parking lot.

They bought a $19 refillable drink, too.

A receipt for lunch totaling $62.79.
TikTok | @mirandapearcemindset

Then, the family got "burgers and yummy fries" for lunch, which set them back more than $62. They also bought Harry Potter souvenirs (a notebook and keychain), which were $42 for both items.

Later on, the family gets ice cream.

A receipt for nearly $20 in ice cream.
TikTok | @mirandapearcemindset

Miranda shares yet another receipt, which shows their ice cream was nearly $20. Miranda also gets a $4 coffee later on, and they had a $34 dollar dinner at Burger King.

Miranda then breaks down how much the tickets cost.

The total cost for a family of four to go to Universal with Fast Pass, totaling at over $879.
TikTok | @mirandapearcemindset

"And oh my God you guys, $483 for the tickets and $396 for the Fast Pass. I ain't waiting around any queue with a six-year-old." Nearly $900 just to gain access to the park...

And then, Miranda gives the grand total for their entire day.

The entire cost of Miranda's day at Universal studios, which equals $1113.40.
TikTok | @mirandapearcemindset

Giving the total in U.S. dollars (despite being from the U.K.), Miranda shares that she and her family had spent $1,113.40 for a single day at Universal Studios. Though, most of that total was for the tickets (including Fast Passes).

The comments on the TikTok had... a lot of opinions.

Some were outraged by how expensive the trip was, while others felt that Miranda and her family could've done quite a bit more to save on a lot of the costs.

Some felt that she could've made better use of that money elsewhere.

A woman saying, "That was a bit of a waste of money."
Giphy | HannahWitton

One commenter said that the family "could have gone away to Portugal for a week and rented a villa for that."

Another commenter said, "Cheaper to stay in universal hotel for 1 night and u get the fast pass and longer time in park."

A lot of people actually offered some pretty solid money-saving tips.

A jar of pennies that's overturned, with the pennies spilling out.
Unsplash | Josh Appel

A user wrote, "14 days at Disney a few weeks back and spent just over $1,000 in total! Backpack, flasks, snacks, Walmart deliveries. Mainly to save queuing!"

And of course, the family totally could've gone without the Fast Passes.

The Universal Studios globe at the front of the park.
Unsplash | Guneet Jassal

One user suggested, "1 rucksack, flask of coffee, sandwiches and snacks and sweets. Forget fast pass go to far end of park where it's quieter and work towards front of park."

I guess Miranda will know for next time.

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