20 People Unintentionally Ready For Halloween After A Visit To A Bad Makeup Artist

Makeup with terrible color matching
reddit | Technicolourhero

Usually, when you think of Halloween, you think of some elaborate, masterful blood-and-guts makeup that transforms you into a ghoul or zombie or whatever. Turns out, if you want to look like you're ready to haunt the neighborhood, you really just need a bad makeup artist.

So, maybe we can take something positive from the pics below. Maybe we can at least get some good costume ideas out of these?

"Seen on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Woman with terrible makeup
reddit | Queenofthescene2017

I should point out that I know nothing about how makeup works. But I'm pretty sure if your makeup job allows people to see the edges of, well, the area the makeup is applied to, it counts as a bad makeup job.

"Oh god."

Woman with too much bronzer
reddit | howdoesredditworklol

I thought at first that there were some color filter shenanigans going on here, but I don't think there are. Her makeup job is genuinely that bronzed. The best part is the caption that calls it "soft and subtle." That one like is most likely a pity like.

"Say you’re British without saying you’re British."

Woman with too much makeup
reddit | arizonapeachicetea

Just in case you thought the caption was unfairly singling out the Brits, there's definitely some truth to the stereotype that English people aren't great with moderating their makeup. That's fine if it's done tastefully, but I'm not too sure this is done tastefully.

"This has been all over my social media feeds lately. The artist has a booking site and charges $85."

Woman with terrible makeup and fake eyelashes
reddit | Fancy_Dare4930

It's hard to know where to begin with this one. The fake eyelashes are definitely a bold choice. I think what really gets me is the awful eyeshadow, though.

"They did her sooo dirty."

Woman with bad, pale makeup
reddit | AMDMO

Makeup is available to darken your tone, lighten your tone, or do pretty much anything else to your tone. But if you've bleached yourself out to the point that you look like an old-timey British stereotype from Always Sunny, you've gone astray.

"When you have your own makeup brand and still can’t do eyebrows…"

Woman with weirdly long eyebrows
reddit | erivalh

I'm guessing it's hard to do eyebrows in a way that makes them look groomed, but still convincing. I know eyebrows are wider than eyes, but there's no way they should be this wide.

"Raises eyebrows."

Woman with bad makeup
reddit | SpookyKitter

You can tell from her expression in the second pic that she's trying to raise her eyebrows, but doesn't seem to be able to. That means those eyebrows are either drawn on, or she had an unfortunate experience with botox.

"Eyeshadows are so uneven 😖."

Woman with unevenly drawn eyebrows
reddit | mmonzeob

Forget the uneven eyeshadow — wait, don't totally forget it because it's pretty bad — and look at her uneven eyebrows. Her makeup artist really needs to show better attention to detail, or at least attention to basic symmetry.

"Skin tone in the beginning of the video VS. Skin tone in the end."

Woman applying too much bronzer
reddit | lenichart

Again, bronzer can do some pretty cool stuff when it comes to makeup. You just want to make sure not to overdo it. I'm not saying she overdid it, but I'm not sure if there's any other conclusion to reach here.

"This one was posted by a local makeup artist. Yes, it is the finished look. Check the number of likes…"

Woman with awful eyeshadow
reddit | Thatonebasicchick

This must be one of those deals where you can buy a bunch of likes and followers in order to boost your brand, because there's no way that tens of millions of people think that this is an acceptable makeup job.

"Oh no baby, what is you doin’?"

Woman with terrible glossy makeup
reddit | momma_ksr

"You know what, today I think I want to look nice and shiny, almost glazed," said no one, ever. Indeed, the skin can take on a glossy tone on its own without the aid of makeup. But the point of makeup is to tone this down, not emphasize it.

"Lil Kim’s makeup back in 2001…things may have been different in shade range back then but DANG."

2001 photo of Lil Kim with awful makeup
reddit | [deleted]

I mostly posted this pic for the nostalgia of the early-aughts haircuts and Gamecube controller. But yeah, I've definitely seen Lil Kim looking better than this.

"I really despise these type of lips."

Woman wearing lipstick with sharp angles
reddit | pinkmatty

Sharp angles have their place in all kinds of forms of visual expression: architecture, visual art, and sculptures. You know where sharp angles don't really work? In the makeup world. That's where they don't work.

"The hands..."

Khloe Kardashian with very bronzed face and very pale hands
reddit | apiaget93

It's Khloe's prerogative to wear her makeup like this, but surely she could go the extra mile and put her hands in a tanning bed for a few minutes or something. Right now, it's safe to say that her hands are beyond the pale.

"This lip look reminds me of rotten meat."

Woman wearing greenish-hued lipstick
reddit | esoterica120

The caption really sets the photo up, because that gross greenish tone really does look like rotten meat. In fact, of all the lipstick tones I've ever seen, I think this one's the grossest.

"Oh dear."

Woman with a terrible makeup job
reddit | dhomudia

The darkest tones of her makeup are too dark, the lightest tones are too light, and they're all doing battle with each other on her face. There's a lot going on here. I think it needs to be blended a bit more.

"Apparently this is a 'modern geisha'.. no words."

Woman with awful 'modern geisha' makeup
reddit | grand_theft_gnome

We could have easily put this on a list of top 20 awful examples of cultural appropriation, but let's stick a pin in that and focus on her makeup. Actually, let's not.

"Popped up on my FB feed today .....'bridal makeup.'"

Woman with a terrible makeup job
reddit | Low-Ladder-6265

You know what it's like to work too hard on something? When you just keep adding more and more 'finishing touches'? I think that's what's going on with this makeup job.

"Guys, this shade match is a 'match made in heaven' NOT 🤭."

Makeup job with bad color matching
reddit | Pancake1214

Artists know that there are all sorts of subtle green hues in most skin tones. That's the thing though, they're subtle. This woman is so green that it looks like she's part gremlin.

"Found on Bookface. That colour match though."

Makeup with terrible color matching
reddit | Technicolourhero

Is the makeup job or the Photoshop job worse in this photo? Aw heck, we shouldn't have to choose. Both are worthy of being called the worst ever. It doesn't even look like her face and the top of her head belong to the same person.