Woman Sparks Debate For Getting Notarized Document In Case Her Partner Cheats

Sarah Kester
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When most of us get cheated on, we’re left with a broken heart and legal bills.

When TikTok user Chaylene (@salamiiqueen) gets cheated on, her husband will have to pay all her bills!

This is all thanks to the notarized contract that she had her fiancé sign. Crazy? Brilliant? Her unusual actions have certainly sparked a debate online

“I have just reached a new level of crazy,” Chaylene said at the beginning of her viral video, which now has over 6.7 million views. 

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She then showed the notarized document, as she explained that if her fiancé cheats on her, he has to pay her bills. 

“I’m so smart, or crazy. I don’t know,” she concluded. 

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In a follow-up video, she explained that it was her fiancé who typed up the contract. He included elements that were specific to their relationship. She also delved deeper into why they made the contract in the first place.

Chaylene admitted that she does have some “trust issues.” 

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“I, financially, have been screwed over so many times that I just… when it comes to money, I get scared, and I don’t trust so easily about it,” she explained in the vid.

Since they’re preparing documents for their wedding and merging their accounts, she figured that it would be a good idea to protect their assets. 

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She even said that it was actually her fiancé who put the cheating clause into the document after she made a joke about it. 

“I think that’s super romantic and cute and cheesy,” she said. 

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The initial response to Chaylene’s notarized document was extremely positive. 

“This is by far the smartest thing I’ve ever heard,” a user wrote, their comment gaining over 117k likes. 

“I wish getting married already came with this agreement,” wrote another. 

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“If they aren’t willing to do this, I don’t want them,” a third claimed.

Many believe that this contract has set the standard for marriage. “my kind of prenup, thank you for setting this precedent for me.”

One woman wrote that her attorney also advised this.

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"Prenup can be whatever you make it," they wrote. These users also assured Chaylene that she's not crazy. "That's not crazy… you’re holding him accountable for his actions," user Anadele Cabrera wrote.

Some were against the idea.

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"No trust already. Setting it up for failure..." a user claimed. A man chimed in: "You really got him good. Nothing like a contract to keep him loyal. Lifetime of happiness coming your way."

Those opposers believe that you shouldn't even be getting married if there's no trust.

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"All I wanna say is that if you’re not confident that they won’t cheat on you, then you prolly shouldn’t be marrying them," user caelan commented.

Another agreed: "Honestly if there was even a *thought* to do this, the relationship is doomed."

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Many were also curious about whether the document goes both ways. As in, what happens if Chaylene cheated? "Okay but what about her??" asked a user.

Chaylene has yet to answer whether she will also be forced to pay his bills if she cheats.

In the comments, we did get proof, though, that the contact works! "My mom did this to my dad and he rolled his eyes and signed it. 10 yrs later the judge honored it," someone shared.