Celeb Feuds That Got Pretty Ugly

Ashley Hunte
A person with his fists up, ready for a fight.
Unsplash | Dan Burton

Being famous doesn't mean that you'll automatically get along with anyone else who's achieved a similar level of fame. In fact, there are plenty of celebs who don't get along with their peers.

But there's a huge difference between not getting along with someone and having a downright feud. The celebs in this list got into some pretty nasty fights that probably could've been avoided.

LL Cool J and Jamie Foxx.

The feud between LL and Foxx is a little bit less of a feud per se, and more of a case of acting going a little too far. The two starred in Any Given Sunday, where the accidental fight occurred.

Apparently, LL Cool J knocked Foxx out.

It seems like he got a little too into one scene and knocked Foxx out cold. That might be taking "Mama Said Knock You Out" a little too seriously, if you ask me.

Bill Murray and Chevy Chase.

Chevy Chase saying "I'm not your ordinary everyday fool, okay?"

The feud between Chevy Chase and Bill Murray dates back to nearly five decades ago, when Chase had returned to Saturday Night Live after negotiating himself out of his contract from the show's first season. Murray had been cast to replace Chase after that first season, and helped to usher in a golden era of the show.

But when Chase came back, Murray had some choice words for him.

Bill Murray appearing in a much more recent season of Saturday Night Live.
Giphy | Saturday Night Live

Murray confronted Chase in John Belushi's dressing room, and things got heated enough for Murray to challenge Chase to a fight. Unfortunately for Belushi, who stepped in between them, he got the brunt of the action.

Years later, the two seemed to have buried the hatchet, and remain on good terms. So, there's that.

Seth Rogen and Rob Schneider.

A few years back, Seth Rogen found himself in the middle of a feud with Rob Schneider that seemingly only happened over Twitter. It started with Schneider blocking Rogen on Twitter... for seemingly no reason.

Rogen fired back, of course.

Though, this mainly included posting a pic from Schneider's Twitter and making a joke about it. But then Schneider tweeted that he'd unblock Rogen if he could meet James Franco. And then... he unblocked Rogen.

To be honest, did a feud even happen between them?

Larry the Cable Guy and David Cross.

Larry the Cable Guy's appearance on The Masked Singer.
Giphy | The Masked Singer

The feud between Cross and Larry the Cable Guy (whose real name is Dan Whitney) is a pretty strange one. It started with Cross insulting Whitney's comedy routine, accusing Whitney of racism and bigotry. This led Whitney to talk about it in his book, "Git-R-Done."

This led Cross to pen an open letter to Whitney.

David Cross dressed as a member of the Blue Man Group.

The letter was pretty long in itself, but apparently Whitney actually read it. Though, it doesn't seem like Whitney let Cross's words affect him that much in the end.

Steven Seagal and John Leguizamo.

Steven Seagal sighing and then saying, "I'm not trained for this."

Back in the '90s, Leguizamo and Seagal starred in the film Executive Decisions. As the story goes, Seagal walked into the rehearsal space and announced to the other actors there, "I'm in command. What I say is law."

To that, Leguizamo actually laughed.

John Leguizamo dancing in a chair as he says, "stop it."

This proved to be a bit of a mistake, because Seagal reacted in a super bizarre way: he attacked Leguizamo with his elbow, knocking the wind out of the poor actor. How... rational?

Sinead O'Conner and Prince.

Sinead O'Conner singing her famous cover of "Nothing compares 2 U."

Sinead O'Connor's biggest hit, "Nothing Compares 2 U," was originally written by Prince. While the track helped cement the Irish singer's career, it seems like the two weren't on the friendliest of terms, though O'Connor's accounts put the blame on Prince.

He allegedly tried to attack her back in 1991.

Prince taking a sip out of a teacup.

Prince had invited O'Connor to his mansion, where he allegedly chastised her for swearing in interviews, and even got violent at one point.

"You’ve got to be crazy to be a musician, but there’s a difference between being crazy and being a violent abuser of women," she said.

David Letterman and Jay Leno.

David Letterman at the Academy Awards, saying, "Tonight is the night that celebrates the phrase, 'it's an honor just to be nominated.'"
Giphy | The Academy Awards

In the early '90s, Letterman was poised to take Johnny Carson's place on The Tonight Show, but that ultimately went to Jay Leno. Letterman had a chip on his shoulder about that for years to come.

Interestingly enough, Leno seems much less bothered by it.

Jay Leno moving around in a bit of a robotic way.
Giphy | NBC

In fact, their very public, decades-long feud was probably a bit more overblown than it actually was. Leno even admitted that the two late night hosts had learned a lot from each other when they were first starting out.

Joan Rivers and Chelsea Handler.

Joan Rivers dramatically siting down on an armchair.
Giphy | TV Land Classic

Rivers and Handler really didn't get along. Rivers recalled an early interaction the two had, saying, "She came out saying things like, 'I'm the first woman ever to do a late-night show.' She did this one day, and I followed her on the dais and I said, 'I guess everyone's forgotten the Carson show.' She never spoke to me again."

In later years, though, Handler admitted her fault in the feud.

Chelsea Handler standing awkwardly, looking at and then away from the camera.
Giphy | Chelsea Handler

She's even expressed regret in how she treated the late comedian over the years, and is slated to pay tribute to Rivers in an upcoming Netflix special.

Solange and Jay-Z.

Solange Knowles singing as a musical guest on SNL.
Giphy | Saturday Night Live

Definitely one of the most mysterious celebrity fights out there. Back in 2014, footage of Solange attacking Jay-Z in an elevator leaked, much to everyone's confusion. Beyoncé even addressed the incident in the "Flawless" remix, saying "Of course sometimes [expletive] go down when there's $1 billion on an elevator."

To this day, no one really knows why Solange did what she did.

Jay Z awkwardly backing out of a room.

Though this did kickstart the rumors that Jay had been unfaithful to Bey, rumors that ended up being true. Still, it seems like Solange and her brother-in-law are actually on good terms outside of that incident.

Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber.

It all started in 2012, when Bieber attended a Victoria's Secret fashion show. He was allegedly getting a little too cozy with Bloom's then-wife Miranda Kerr, who was modeling at that particular show (though Kerr didn't reciprocate Bieber's advances).

Fast forward to 2014, and things got worse.

While the two were attending a celebrity party in Ibiza, Bieber seemingly provoked Bloom, causing him to punch the singer in the face. Though their fight didn't last very long, onlookers seemed to be on Bloom's side.