Jennifer Garner Bought Her Family's Old Farm, Proving She Is The Most Wholesome Celeb

Emily McWilliams
Jennifer Garner harvesting carrots.
instagram | @onceuponafarm

We all come across surprising celebrity facts and trivia from time to time. It's also no secret that many celebrities have companies outside of the entertainment industry. But, for today's surprising celebrity story, we're going to dive into how Jennifer Garner saved her family's historic farm and turned it into an enterprise to help children. Yup, this story is pretty much just as wholesome as it sounds.

We all know Jennifer Garner for her amazing performances on screen.

The actress is best known for her role on the hit show Alias and her performances in movies like Juno and Dallas Buyers Club.

But, when she's not acting, it turns out Jennifer has been working on her family's farm these past few years.

Jennifer's grandparents purchased the farm in Locust Grove, Oklahoma in 1936. Over the years, the farm cycled through different family members until Jennifer purchased it in 2017. While Jen is the owner of the farm, her Uncle Robert and Aunt Janet continue to live on the land and take care of it.

With the purchase of the farm, Jennifer became "Farmer Jen".

A quick scroll through Jennifer's Instagram showcases her days spent at the farm. Since she is passionate about children's health, Jen decided to grow organic fruits and vegetables on the farm that has been in her family for decades.

The crops are turned into healthy snacks and baby food for Jen's company, Once Upon A Farm.

Once Upon A Farm products are available in grocery stores nationwide or through the company's website. Jennifer is the co-founder and chief brand manager of Once Upon A Farm.

Once Upon A Farm has also partnered with Save The Children USA.

Proceeds from various Once Upon A Farm products are donated to the charity and the company has committed to providing one million meals for low-income children.

Well, there you have it. In today's "things we didn't know about celebrities", Jennifer Garner has been working as a farmer these past few years to make healthy food for kids. Somehow this seems totally on-brand for the wholesome actress.