Teacher's Classroom Outfits Called Out For Being 'Too Tight'

Emily McWilliams
A teacher in her classroom wearing a green dress
instagram | @toyboxdollz

There have been numerous stories about parents and students clashing with school officials over dress code policies. Usually, these stories involve school officials telling female students that their outfits are "inappropriate" for the classroom, leading to backlash from the community and online.

Now, a teacher is the target of similar criticism for her outfits although she maintains that the parents of her students support her fashion choices.

An art teacher from New Jersey has come under fire for her "inappropriate" outfits shared on Instagram.

The teacher, who goes by the handle @toyboxdollz online, has nearly a million followers on Instagram. Besides sharing photos from her personal life and her art on the account, the teacher also posts updates from her elementary school art class.

However, the teacher's updates from her classroom got a surprising reaction online.

Many claimed the teacher's outfits were "too tight" or "too sexy" to be worn at school. In one photo posted to Instagram, the teacher is wearing a green, knee-length dress with long sleeves. Her hair is pulled back into a low bun with minimal makeup.

Comments on Instagram condemned the teacher's fashion choices.

Instagram comment
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While they didn't offer much explanation into why her outfits were "inappropriate", many users criticized the teacher's looks.

Others chimed in agreeing, saying that her clothes were "too tight".

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instagram | @toyboxdollz

It's not clear if any of the teacher's outfits violated an employee dress code, or if her school even has one.

The teacher took to Instagram to address some of the controversy.

She said that the mothers and parents at the school she teaches at are some of her "biggest supporters" when it comes to her teaching and defending her against the criticism of her clothes.

Online, others showed their support as well.

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Many agreed that children would not consider her outfits inappropriate and it was likely the parents who were blowing the situation out of proportion.

Others couldn't believe that teachers still have to deal with criticism like this in today's day and age.

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instagram | @toyboxdollz

It's no secret that teachers have been vocal about their low wages, demanding workloads, and the stress of their jobs. To deal with criticism over their clothes just adds another layer to their busy lives.

Overall, it looks like this teacher has no plans to change anything about her school style.

"I have seen some men said some crazy, mean stuff, but I teach babies and there are no haters in the classroom thinking of that,” the teacher said in defence of her outfits.

In the Instagram video shared online, she said she was already planning her classroom for the first day of school and getting ready to buy supplies for her students.

h/t New York Post