Bride Wonders If It Was Wrong To Kick 'Buzz Kill' MOH Out Of Wedding Party

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Your wedding day, if it's done right, could be the happiest day of your life. It could also be the most stressful.

When you factor in the planning and the drama that can result, it's no surprise that many soon-to-be-newlyweds find themselves completely overwhelmed in the time surrounding their wedding.

A Redditor detailed some spicy drama that occurred when she kicked her maid of honor out of her wedding party.

She wants to know if she was being reasonable or not.

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As OP details it, her best friend Kathy is an ace wedding planner, making her an easy choice for maid of honor.

"Now the wedding is in a month and in two weeks it's my bachelorette weekend," wrote OP as she prepared to delve into the drama.

Kathy sorted out Airbnb booking for the wedding party, but said she didn't want to personally participate.

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This came as a bit of a shock to OP.

"The girls told me she had a very valid reason, but it was not their story to tell so I should ask her directly," wrote OP.

Some of the bachelorette stuff was off limits for Kathy.

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Kathy told OP that while she respect's OP's choices for her bachelorette party, there's some stuff she simply doesn't want to participate in.

"Some of the stuff [that's off-limits for me], such as the strippers I've booked for you and some other activities are crossing boundaries regarding me and my own fiancé's relationship," Kathy told OP.

Kathy organized, then ducked out of the festivities.

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"I was truly heartbroken and tried to suck it up, but as the days went by instead of feeling more at ease ... I got more upset," confessed OP. "I tried to talk to [Kathy] to change her mind but she wasn't having it."

OP made a snap decision.

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Maybe it was Kathy's reluctance to deal with the strippers, maybe it was her telling OP that she wasn't planning on drinking at the wedding, but in any event, OP decided to fire Kathy as her maid of honor.

"I straight up told her I don't want her as a MOH if all she's going to do is be a buzz kill about everything," wrote OP.

Kathy got upset, the other bridesmaids got upset, and OP stayed upset.

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Not sure what to make of the situation, OP turned to Reddit to see if anyone had any thoughts.

Spoiler alert: the thread racked up nearly 4,000 comments, reaching a nearly unanimous verdict in the process.

OP was getting free wedding planning.

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The top-rated comment points out that Kathy — a professional wedding planner — was planning OP's wedding and bachelorette party gratis.

"And you kicked her out of the wedding party because she personally opted out of strippers and drinking with no pressure to anybody else to do the same," they wrote.

It sounds like Kathy was really doing OP a solid.

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"[Kathy] was in no way judgmental of what you wanted, just politely bowed out because it was beyond her boundaries," assessed another commenter. "But you've decided the main criteria for being your friend is enjoying strippers and getting drunk. So good luck with the rest of your adult life and marriage, I’m sure that’s all going to work out great."

Virtually everyone agreed that OP was being a jerk.

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There's probably some dissent in the 3,800 comments on the thread, but it's impossible to find. The vast majority of the comments came to the same conclusion: Kathy was doing some clutch work, was non-judgmental and supportive ... and OP's mad because Kathy won't personally party with strippers and get drunk.

OP hasn't offered any updates.

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The post went up nine days ago. OP has provided no updates on the original post and no replies to any of the questions asked of her. Reddit has reached a verdict. It seems like we can put this one to bed.

How would you handle this?

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Wedding stuff has the power to destroy friendships, as we've seen here. Have you ever encountered drama like this? How did you handle it? Let us know your thoughts on the topic in the comments section.