High School Starts 'No More Sagging' Campaign To Give Students Free Belts

Rae Batchelor
A black belt laying on top of a pair of jeans.
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A high school in South Carolina has a unique way of combatting the saggy pants epidemic.

Sometimes you have to tackle the problem at the source, and that's where the most creative of problem solvers usually come in. Sure, you can be annoyed that something is happening, but unless you come prepared with a solution, all complaining is going to do is provide you some momentary satisfaction. A South Carolina high school is doing more than complaining about a fashion trend that's popular with students.

Teenagers love, for some reason, to wear their pants pretty saggy.

A gif of a person with sagging pants spray painting a NO PANT SAGGING sign.
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It's not uncommon to see a young kid in a high school walking around with their pants so low their entire butt is in danger of hanging out.

It'd be easy to just write these teens off and not worry about their fashion choices, but that's not what mentor Thomas Ravenell from North Charleston High School is doing.

Ravenell started a campaign to provide free belts to students who needed them.

Two young people with sagging pants.
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"We want to teach them and educate them about manhood, and part of manhood is carrying yourself with respect," Ravenell told ABC news. Ravenell started the "No More Sagging" campaign three years ago, and it's met pretty great success.

"If you want respect, you must first respect yourself," says Ravenell.

A man saying pull your damn pants up.

"With your pants sagging, it shows [a] negative attitude towards you. So we want to teach the children that if you want to be respected, and if you want respect, then you have to give it," Ravenell says of the message behind his campaign.

“Everyone buys clothes, shirts, pants, uniforms, sneakers, but kids were coming to school without a belt," he says.

A hanging belt
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According to ABC, "in just the first three days of school, they have given away over 30 belts, and plan to give away hundreds more throughout the rest of the school year."

Now this is a plan we can get behind!

h/t: ABC