It Turns Out We've Been Taking Band-Aids Off All Wrong

Rae Batchelor
A bandaid on a leg.
TikTok | @anabelmoralezz

One woman on TikTok is revealing we've all been unnecessarily ripping off Band-Aids when there was pain-free solution right at our fingertips.

One of the best things to come out of TikTok is the ability people have to spread tips, tricks, and hacks for every day life that we otherwise could have gone our whole lives never learning. Especially when it comes to tricks that help both ourselves and maybe any little ones we have in our care — like a video that's blown up with a "mom hack" for removing Band-Aids with no tears, from us or our kids.

Nobody likes pulling off Band-Aids.

A gif from SNL where two people ask the camera "Are you a band-aid? 'Cause I wanna rip you off."
Giphy | Saturday Night Live

Whether you're pulling them off your own skin or your kids, there's almost guaranteed to be tears (okay, maybe that's just me). It hurts and it doesn't always come off in one clean rip, which just elongates the whole process.

One TikTok user, Anabel Moralezz, has shared that there's a pain-free solution we didn't know about before, which she demonstrated on her baby.

After unsuccessfully attempting to pull the Band-Aid off like normal, Anabel reveals her "mom hack."

A hand paints Vaseline over a Band-Aid
TiKTok | @anabelmoralezz

Anabel raises a jar of Vaseline to the camera, showing it off before dipping a brush into it and using the brush to slather it over the Band-Aid. After letting it sit on the Band-Aid for a little bit, Anabel is able to easily peel the bandage right off with no pain.

"Omg this is so much better than just waiting for it to fall off," one commenter wrote.

Other commenters wrote that they were "definitely trying this" next time, and others added that you could achieve the same effect with rubbing alcohol or by letting them soak in the bath.

What do you think of this hack? Have you ever tried it before? Let us know!