So Fetch! The Internet Is Debating Who The Meanest Girl In 'Mean Girls' Really Is

Rae Batchelor
The cover of Mean Girls
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We're not splitting the crown this time! Fans are taking to Twitter to debate who the meanest 'Mean Girl' really is.

There are some movies that just sit with us forever — unless, of course, they're not wearing pink on Wednesdays. Mean Girls is one of those films that never seems to leave the public conversations, and with how funny, quirky, and sweet it still is after all these years, it's really no surprise.

'Mean Girls' is obviously a cultural zeitgeist.

Gretchen saying "you can't sit with us."

While the title refers to the trio of Plastics, Regina, Gretchen, and Karen, there's a lot of mean behavior from a lot of the cast — whether it's Cady feeding Regina the calorie bars, Janis' overarching plot to get revenge on the Plastics, Gretchen's belief in her own superiority... the list goes on!

That's why a debate has broken out on Twitter.

"My best friend asked me who i thought the meanest girl from 'mean girls' was, and i’ve been asking everybody the question since. so answer me. lmao who was the meanest?" twitter user @_benjvmins_ asked, which started quite the debate amongst fans of the film.

"Janice because how do you manipulate the foreign new kid to do your dirty work and then when she gets caught up in all of it you ghost her?" suggested one fan.

"Regina because she was unnecessarily mean- everyone else was put into the reactive abuse cycle because of Regina. She was the root," one user tweeted.

"Cady. She was two faced and wasn’t a good friend to anyone, but acted like she was innocent. She wasn’t even good to herself. At least Janice and Regina knew they were vindictive," added another.

What do you think?

"I love how a movie can be extremely explicit about who the meanest girl of the mean girls is, literally tell you this, and then the story is about how the protagonist becomes like her and there are people debating if the bullied girl is the meanest. Media literacy at rock bottom!" one fan tweeted.

Who is the meanest of the mean girls in your opinion? Let us know in the comments!