Teachers Are Sharing The Best Roasts Their Students Have Gotten In On Them

Ashley Hunte
An attentive class listening to their teacher.
Unsplash | Kenny Eliason

Interacting with kids is probably the best and worst part of being a teacher. The best because kids can be hilarious, and the worst because they can be kind of mean.

The teachers of Twitter decided to share the times their students absolutely roasted them for no reason, and even though they took a huge L in class, they at least got to snag a few internet points.

Don't drink in front of kids, at all costs.

Kids will literally find any little thing to make fun of you over. In a way, you kind of have to respect how creative they can be with their sick burns.

It helps if you have a sense of humor, too.

The best teachers in school (besides the ones who actually taught you things) were always the ones who weren't afraid to make fun of themselves. I bet the class didn't see this coming.

Hey, it's an important question.

Maybe they thought that letting the plants look all dead and dehydrated was an unethical thing to do. Or maybe they were really intent on wasting a bit of time in class that day.

That's when they start calling you "cue ball."

I wonder how long it took that kid to think of that. Though to be honest, it's kind of low-hanging fruit. Then again, you can't really blame a kid for taking such an easy shot.

Dress to impress 50% of the time.

I wonder how that kid would've reacted to Zoom class, where I'm sure that would describe how pretty much everyone was dressed. Is wearing your comfy pants while working from home really "giving up" though?

The sickest burn of them all.

I'm about to bring this poor teacher some aloe vera, because how do you recover from being called something as straight-up savage as "applesauce banana?"

For real, though, I love the fact that they tried.

I would just take this as a compliment.

Sure, dirt is... dirty. But first graders kind of love playing in the dirt? They also love being covered in dirt. Any way you slice it, you can't even consider this an insult.

How dareth she showeth an ankle?

It's so funny how kids pick up on different fashion choices their teachers made. Like, as an adult, somebody wearing different pants would not phase me. And yet, the kids love to point things like this out.

Give the bald teachers a break!

Ok but also, I feel like that kid thought of that burn and just had to say it to their teacher. I'd definitely be giving them a few points for creativity.

Not wearing makeup just makes some of us look tired.

To be fair, I've had grown adult coworkers tell me I look sick or tired without makeup on. It's definitely a lot better coming from a kid, that's for sure.

Definitely the wrong thing to focus on, there.

I mean, at least the guy ended up being okay. This means it's totally fine for me to laugh at the way the student focused on the completely wrong thing there.

Tell your kids to mind their own business next time.

Man, those kids straight up do not care. One day they'll learn that their teachers are definitely always looking forward to the times they get to spend away from their classes.

Bonus points if you actually are a dad.

To be honest, you can't even think of this one as an insult. Even I would take this as a compliment (and I'm definitely the furthest thing from being a dad).

A small bottle of milk? For real?

I'm not gonna lie, I don't blame those students. There's something really funny about the idea of anyone drinking milk out of a tiny milk bottle. It's comedy at its finest.

That's always how they get you.

This is the same energy as "high five, down low, TOO SLOW!" Which is something I fell victim to way too many times as a kid. Somehow, though, this seems a lot more savage on the kids' end.

The kids will just never understand fashion.

I wonder if kids dislike certain colors the way they dislike certain foods (because of their underdeveloped taste buds). Either way, that toddler had some pretty choice words for that poor, poor green cardigan.

How dare you wear a coat when it's cold outside...

I bet you that kid is the same kind of person who wears shorts no matter how the weather is, even during a snow storm. Makes absolutely no sense to me.

Hunger in the classroom is treated the same way as thirst, I guess.

I just love what kids consider jokes because half of them don't make any sense. But I guess we should just let them have their fun while they can.

You really got owned with this one.

I love the way that all of those kids thought the one student did something there, even though he just asked a really random question. I guess it means it's time to start baking cookies for your class.

There are some things your students will never forget.

I'm not gonna lie, this one is pretty cute. I love the way the whole class got in on the joke, and it was a pretty harmless one, to boot.