Diane Von Furstenberg, 75, Shows 'Gratitude' For Her Age In Swimsuit Selfie

Taylor Sakellis
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If the name Diane von Furstenberg doesn't ring a bell, I'm here to inform you that she basically invented the wrap dress. Yep, your trusty wardrobe garment was perfected by the fashion designer, and if you can believe it, her legacy doesn't stop there.

Diane is a fashion maven, designing some of the most iconic pieces of the early aughts, and now, she's embracing all the fabulous years she lived by taking a swimsuit selfie in an effort to "embrace" her age.

If there's one thing I love, it's women in Hollywood over the age of 40 embracing the goddess' that they are.

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In a world where women are meant to feel "old" after they hit the big 4-0, it is the ultimate act of rebellion, and vengeance, when women push back at the harmful and dated stereotypes that they're no longer desirable past a certain age.

Men in Tinsel Town are allowed to age and become "silver foxes" while still landing lead roles.

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On the flip side, a woman is lucky to have a starring role in any film that doesn't involve her being a mother or wife — a caregiver, in some capacity.

These days, more and more women are pushing back at the idea that they aren't every bit as beautiful as they were when they were 25.

The latest celebrity to embrace the gift that is aging is designer Diane von Furstenberg who, at 75, is encouraging us all to love ourselves.

Sharing a gorgeous swimsuit selfie, the fashion maven wrote: "Selfie at 75 ? Trying to own it and 2 hours of daily swimming helps!"

"I know I should smile but I feel stupid smiling at myself!" she joked. "Gratitude."

I am LOVING that color on her!

The comments were quickly filled with women praising Diane's self-love message.

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"Fearless & Beautiful," wrote supermodel IMAN.

"Stunning and sensational," echoed Ava DuVernay.

Now, this is the type of content kids need to see on their social media every day.

Three cheers for girl power!