Bride Leaves Groom For Best Man After Impassioned Wedding Speech

Ashley Hunte
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In a perfect world, your wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, as well as a representation of a lifelong commitment with the person you love most in the world. But we don't live in a perfect world, and some people end up marrying the wrong person.

For one bride, what started as the best man speech at her wedding, ended up being the beginning of a completely new marriage.

One TikTok user shared the story of how she ended up with her current husband.

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TikTok user Desiree White (@desiree.white) shared the story of how she met her current husband, Bryant, back in high school.

"I had a boyfriend, they became friends in a different class," she said. "We became friends in our own class."

She explains how she, Bryant, and her then-boyfriend all became part of a friend group.

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After explaining that she was never in the "party scene," Desiree says, "Bryant was the one who threw the parties. My ex was the one going to his parties."

"He was cheating, I had no idea."

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"So when I got married," she continues, "Bryant... in his words, it was like a click, because he said that he knew that nothing would ever happen between us... and also he knew what my ex was doing behind the scenes."

Then comes the best man speech at the wedding.

Desiree recalls that a drunk Bryant says something along the lines of "'I've loved you since the moment I saw you, there's no one like you.'" And then later during the wedding, Bryant told Desiree, "If I'm the best man, then why didn't you ever give me a chance?"

Desiree continues the story in a second TikTok.

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She recalls that she'd been with her ex-husband for less than a year before the "red flags started to pop up."

"One I couldn't ignore is when a girl at work saw his picture and she was like 'Oh, I know him, my friend dated him.'"

Finding out that her coworker's friend had been dating her husband caused Desiree to do more digging.

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She then talks about how this opened up more incidents, which led her to file for divorce. For Desiree, the divorce process was very difficult.

But Bryant was the one who stuck by her.

"So one day we kissed, and... I liked it. And... we became more than friends. And then friends became dating, and dating became married, and then married became ten years with four boys."

Desiree later posted a third TikTok clarifying a few points.

While Bryant did initially confess his love for her during her first wedding, there was no overlap between their relationship and her relationship with her ex. "I was never part of a love triangle," she says.

Since it happened so long ago, it's more of a funny story for the couple to tell.

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One commenter writes, "I actually love that that was his speech. Because no matter what, you would have still found out what you found out, and if he had never opened up?"

At the end of the day, Desiree would've found out about the cheating without Bryant.

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But because of that confession, they were both able to live a happy life together, all these years later. Good for them!

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