Fans Celebrated Tommy Lee Posting A Nude Pic — Britney Spears Deserves The Same Treatment

Taylor Sakellis
britney spears standing in her backyard
instagram | @britneyspears

In today's edition of oh how I wish I were a rich man in Hollywood, we're looking at the wild double standards that exist between NSFW pictures of men vs. NSFW pictures of women. As we know, being a woman is a constant battle of doing the wrong thing no matter what you do, and this is amplified if you're a woman in Hollywood. Of course, as we know, men can do essentially whatever they want in Tinsel Town, and (99% of the time) face zero repercussions for their behavior.

Case in point? Tommy Lee's recently released nude pic and the complete lack of reaction from the internet.

Last Thursday, people were surprised and caught off guard when Pamela Anderson's ex-husband Tommy Lee shared a VERY risque photo of his nether region.

The FULL FRONTAL pic made headlines before people soon realized the Instagram post had been deleted.

Was it random? Absolutely. Was it on purpose? We'll never know. However, what we do know is how people reacted to it.

I didn't see many comments about Tommy Lee's ability to be a father based on the types of photos he was posting. I didn't see people saying that he was a man-slut or a whore. I didn't see people questioning his mental stability.

But do you know where I DO see comments like that? On an NSFW photo of a woman, especially someone as popular as Britney Spears.

When a woman expresses her sexuality in a public way, there is no shortage of sexist comments and name-calling.

Fans of Britney took to social media to point out the hypocrisy, and their tweets were eye-opening.

It's the same sexist double standards we've seen forever, and it has to stop somewhere — so why not with us?