Greta Scacchi Says There Are No Leading Roles For Actresses Over 35

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Gretta Scacchi in 'Darby and Joan'.
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There's a trend in the film and TV industry that sees actresses' role opportunities taking a steep drop once they hit a certain age. No longer in the leading role demographic, they'll be typecast as side characters, which doesn't really feel just.

One Australian actress is speaking out against this trend, refusing to be shafted as a side character for the rest of her career.

The longer you look at television, the more you realize there's not a lot of room for older leads.

A still from 'Emma' (1996) featuring Greta Scacchi.
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This is a fact that Australian actress Greta Scacchi is all too familiar with, and at 62 years old, she's speaking out against it.

This was sparked by her landing a leading role recently.

Gretta Scacchi in 'Darby and Joan'.
youtube | Acorn TV

She'll be starring in the Aussie comedy-mystery Darby and Joan, a role she's extremely excited about.

In an interview with 9Honey, she said, "The main reason I loved the idea of [this mini-series] was to be playing a full character, fully rounded, a multi-faceted woman in her sixties."

She explained how role types dwindle as women age.

Gretta Scacchi and Bryan Brown in 'Darby and Joan'.
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"It's just very rare at my stage, but particularly as you get beyond juvenile leads – you know, once you're beyond 35 – as a woman, you tend to be playing characters, smaller cameos that are extensions of the main characters."

And how older actresses are slotted into certain archetypes.

Gretta Scacchi in 'Darby and Joan'.
youtube | Acorn TV

"You're no longer the lead woman. You're the love interest, the ex-wife or the mother… And so that limits what is needed from you to convey that character. Whereas in these central roles, we have the full 360 degrees," she explained.

Thankfully, her latest role seems to turn all of that on its head.

Bryan Brown in 'Darby and Joan'.
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In Darby and Joan, Scacchi plays a recently widowed retired nurse who's looking for answers regarding her husband's mysterious death.

She'll be acting alongside Bryan Brown, who plays a retired police detective who decides to help her on her journey. The show is now streaming on Acorn TV.

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