Anne Heche Reportedly Had Drugs In Her System At Time Of Car Crash

Taylor Sakellis
Anne Heche attends the 74th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards
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On Friday, it was reported that Anne Heche had been severely injured in a fiery car accident.

According to reports, the actress was seen driving recklessly beforehand, and even denied help from bystanders who attempted to get her out of her vehicle.

It was reported that the "Donnie Brasco" actress had crashed into an apartment complex garage, then a civilian home where her car caught fire.

She was rescued from the firey vehicle severely burnt but was expected to recover.

However, after nearly a week in the hospital, TMZ reports that her condition is still "dire."

Thankfully, the woman whose home Anne crashed into was physically unharmed.

Lynne Mishele, her two dogs, and her tortoise were able to escape after the crash, but the massive fire claimed Lynne's entire home and everything in it.

According to the LAFD, it took 59 firefighters 65 minutes to extinguish the blaze.

Unsplash | Matt C

A neighbor who witnessed the incident called Lynne "extremely fortunate" to have survived.

Speaking with People, Lynne explained that Anne's rogue car drove "almost all the way through" the house, catching fire "almost immediately."

The young woman's landlord, Jennifer Durand, set up a GoFundMe for Lynne almost immediately.

"A kind and generous person, Lynne is always first to offer help to others," Jennifer wrote. "Today we are asking the community to come together and help Lynne start over."

Thankfully, donations have poured in to help the dog owner pick up the pieces.

At the time of this article's publication, over $132,000 has already been raised by 3,000 generous donors, all in an effort to help Lynne start over after this devastating event.

Now, after nearly a week of speculation, it has been reported that Anne had drugs in her system at the time of the crash.

LAPD sources told TMZ that Anne had her blood tested after she was admitted to the hospital. In addition to cocaine, they also found fentanyl.

h/t: TMZ