Travelers Accidentally Book An Airbnb Ghost Town: 'Completely Overgrown'

Emily McWilliams
The coastline in Bali
Unsplash | Timur Kozmenko

Airbnbs continue to be a popular option for people wanting to get out and explore the world. That being said, viral posts online have warned people about booking travel accomodations through Airbnb. Some have encountered hosts with unrealistic rules and others have checked in to properties that looked nothing like their photos.

Now, one travel blogger is sharing her story after she booked a stay at a resort in Bali that was completely abandoned.

Bree Robertson is a travel blogger currently living in Bali.

Bree Robertson in Bali.
TikTok | @aytpical_adventure

Bree and her partner recently moved to Bali and have been documenting their experiences on Instagram and TikTok under the account name @atypical_adventure. To celebrate one month of living in the country, the couple decided to book a stay at a luxury villa through Airbnb.

The couple paid $80 for their booking and traveled for hours to get to the destination.

Bree Robertson at an abandoned Airbnb in Bali.
TikTok | @atypical_adventure

But, when they got there, the villa was completely abandoned and a virtual ghost town. Despite positive reviews of the property online, Bree quickly realized there were no recent updates from travelers or the hosts.

The villa's property was overgrown with weeds and the pool was completely filled with algae.

Overgrown plants at an abandoned Airbnb.
TikTok | @atypical_adventure

Besides some furniture stacked up in the dining areas, everything else was empty or boarded up.

Bree quickly contacted Airbnb and was able to get a refund.

A building with smashed windows in Bali
TikTok | @atypical_adventure

The listing was also taken down. After Bree shared her story online, many people commented saying that Bali's tourism industry took a big hit during the pandemic and a number of tourist destinations closed for good. That might be what happened to this property.

Overall, Bree and her partner had a good sense of humor about the situation.

TikTok comments
TikTok | @atypical_adventure

After exploring the property for a bit, they were able to find new accomodations nearby. After this experience, Bree told Insider that she'll be sure to thoroughly check the dates on reviews before booking an Airbnb again.

After her video went viral, some couldn't help but comment on the creepiness of the situation.

TikTok comment
TikTok | @atypical_adventure

There are some people who would be thrilled to stumble upon an abandoned resort, but most people online agreed this is one travel experience they would prefer to keep off their bucket lists.

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