'Sister Wives' Fans Defend Christine After Kody Yells At Her For Leaving: 'Disgusting'

Taylor Sakellis
kody brown yelling at christine sister wives
youtube | TLC

Attention all Sister Wives fans. In case you missed the memo, a new season from the hit TLC reality show is upon us, and I couldn't be more excited.

As fans of the dramatic series know, Kody's third wife Christine Brown left the family in November of last year. Now, with the 17th season just shy of a month away, fans are finally going to get to see what happened behind closed doors as the Brown family underwent their biggest shakeup yet.

Earlier this week, a trailer for the show's upcoming 17th season was released after months of waiting since the show's previous season wrapped back in February.

"I feel like to Kody, Robyn's more important," Christine admits in the teaser, calling it "heartbreaking being [Kody's] wife for years."

While the clips featuring Christine and Kody's three current wives Meri, Janelle, and Robyn are very sad... Kody's monologues are not.

“My heart is broken,” the patriarch confesses while speaking with all of his wives, before later yelling at Christine: “Just the knife in the kidneys after all these years."

"The sacrifices that I made to love you!" he adds while the camera pans to Christine, who looks more than done with her ex-husband's antics.

As you can imagine, TLC fans have been having a riot on Twitter while mocking Kody — as they should!

“The sacrifices I made to love you!” - we already knew #KodyBrown was a piece of [expletive] but that was low even for him," tweeted one fan.

"Girl, just say bye! Do you! You’ll be better off, geez!" they added.

"Kody Brown gaslighting Christine is absolutely disgusting that's no way to get into heaven. The screaming at her is a ticket downstairs though!" said another.

"This #KodyBrown guy gives a Shakespearian performance... Gotta love #SisterWives," joked a different user.

"100000% Team Christine," tweeted one vocal supporter. "Janelle and Meri know it too. This is on Kody. If Christine was treated as an equal wife, she would still be there!"

The dramatic new season of Sister Wives premieres Sunday, September 11 on TLC.