Petty Neighbor Leaves Diagram For Someone Who Didn't Park Correctly

Lex Gabrielle
parking lot
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Whenever we are out in public and have to drive there, the one thing that many of us cannot stand is having to park around other people. There is truly nothing more nerve-racking.

The beauty of having your own home and your own driveway is that you can park in your driveway or your garage and not have to worry about other people messing up the spots. Or more importantly, other people judging you.

Parking lots can sometimes give people major anxiety.

parking lot
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Parking in parking lots (especially at places like shopping centers) can be a huge hassle because if someone parks wrong, it messes up every spot that follows. No one wants to drive around looking for spots.

This can also be the case when you live in an apartment complex with parking spots.

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You want to make sure that you park normally, but you also want to make sure that your neighbors are parking normally.

So when you can't park in your own spot, it can feel like the whole world is falling apart.

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Imagine coming home from a long day's work and then you can't even pull into the parking spot because someone else parked badly! It's definitely not a good feeling.

One Reddit user shared a note that their neighbor left when they didn't park so well one day.

Parking map on paper
reddit | Reddit

The neighbor decided to not only leave a note on the car that was parked wrong, but they went out of their way to draw them a diagram of how to park correctly.

Many people online appreciated the diagram.

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Dawnzergivesleelight shared in the comments that judging from the effort put into this drawing, maybe they just work well as visual learners. Either way, I am personally cackling over here.

Another said the person has to be a teacher.

teacher in front of classroom
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Another user said that only one kind of person could draw something like that to someone else: a teacher. There is no one else who would take that kind of time to make a drawing that intricate for a parking space.

Some people said it had to hurt to get that note.

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"Ouch, hit them with that 'not angry, just disappointed' thing. Reconsider your suitability for a driving license time," shared Reddit user Important-Position93.

Not going to lie, it's like your mom saying that she is disappointed in you.

Others say that people park like that on purpose.

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HomeBrewDanger said that people don't park like that by accident, they do it on purpose because they want to make sure no one hits their car with their door and mess up the paint job.

Someone said that the diagram is not "totally correct" though.

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"I mean if you want to be ultra picky, you'd point out that the cars in the top row are also technically not parked correctly as you are supposed to park with your left wheels as close to the left line as possible. Everyone does this, everyone has room to get out," shared toweliechaos.

There are some moments where parking on the lines has to happen too.

parking lot full
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"I had to park like this once, but that was only because about three other people also parked in the same manner and there was no room to do anything else. Then I came back to see all the other cars had gone and I alone looked like a JA," said Arkalyn.

And, finally, everyone said what we were all thinking.

xbox remote
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Everyone online said that the person who drew the diagram clearly must work for X-box because the bottom X looks exactly like the X-box symbol on the gaming consoles—and, they're not wrong.

Regardless of what they do, it's a pretty funny story.