Woman Amazed After Spotting Herself In A Pic Of Her Husband Years Before They Met

Lex Gabrielle
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There are many times in our lives when we may have crossed paths with people, without even knowing or realizing it.

We go through so many phases of our lives, especially as children, and we don't always remember who or where we have met individuals. Sometimes, we may have brushed past someone who turns out to be a big part of our lives later on down the road.

We always hear about those crazy love stories, where they had "just missed each other" at one point.

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Whether it be in movies, TV shows, or even on social media, many of us have heard of the love stories where people had just missed the "love of their life" because they were too young, or with someone else.

When we look back, sometimes we're surprised by what we find out.

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Our paths oftentimes cross with others, without us even knowing or realizing it. We could have attended the same kindergarten class with a best friend or even a lover, but don't put the pieces together until later on.

We may have even just walked past someone on the street.

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There are even those small, intimate moments in time where we walk past someone, or even attend the same event as someone, who turns out to be "the one."

Ailiz Melina Zambrano Pinargote is living proof of just that.

Ailiz Melina Zambrano Pinargote was looking through her husband's baby photos and childhood pictures when she saw one that truly caught her eye. It was a photo of her now-husband walking in a parade.

It may have looked like a regular photo, at first.

old photo of boy in parade tiktok video
TikTok | TikTok l ailizmelinazambrano

Looking at the photo, she appeared to see something in the background that looked rather familiar. Upon closer examination of the photo, she couldn't believe what she was seeing in the picture.

It was, in fact, a younger version of her in the background of the photo.

Old photo of husband and wife at parade
TikTok | TikTok l ailizmelinazambrano

She realized that she was seeing herself in the background of her husband's childhood photo. This, of course, means that they had "crossed paths" in their childhood, without even knowing.

She truly had no idea she had been watching her future husband in a parade.

"I don't remember anything about the photo, because I was a girl and I didn't know him, I hadn't seen him, I just remember that every year we went to the city parades with my mom," she told NeedToKnow.Online.

The discovery all started simply by looking at baby photos of her husband.

"One day we went to my mother-in-law's house and I asked her to show me my husband's photo album from when he was a child and that's when we discovered the photo," she shared. 

Of course, she was totally shocked.

"We were totally surprised, we couldn't believe it, it gave us fear, happiness, many emotions because it is incredible that the photographer in the middle of the parade stopped him right at that moment where I appear looking at him." 

Many people on TikTok were shocked that this happened, as well.

People online were surprised that the two had crossed paths so early in life, but also were surprised that Ailiz was able to pick herself out in the background of the photo.

Some said it was "fate" because soulmates meet in life before they know it.

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"I have read that before meeting the person destined for you they coincide in many places, they go traveling together without knowing each other yet," one person said in the TikTok video comments.

Other users agreed that people meet by "chance."

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"Sigmund Freud who would affirm that human beings do not meet by chance. That there is no such thing as bumping into each other suddenly, suddenly and unexpectedly," shared another TikTok user in the comments.

Some shared their own stories of meeting before, earlier in life.

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"My sister and my ex-brother-in-law kissed when they were 13 years old...and 13 years later they got married and they didn't even know it was them," shared one user.

One user said that we definitely don't always remember if we have met that person before, too.

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"Sometimes I start to think that one has to be seen crossed with the love of our lives and one does not even remember," commented one person.

And, Ailiz agreed, too.

"That's right, I don't remember that moment... But the photographer stopped right there and we were captured," she shared in a comment response. So, while their paths did cross so many years prior, she definitely would not have remembered if it weren't for that photographed moment.