Kanye West Shares Bizarre Reaction To Kim K's Breakup With Pete Davidson

Mason Joseph Zimmer
Kanye West looking to the side as he stands with Kim Kardashian during Cosmopolitan UK event
Wikimedia Commons | RogueShanghai

Now that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's relationship is over, Kanye West has taken to his long-dormant Instagram account and shared his strange reaction to the news with the world.

For the nine months they dated, Kardashian and Davidson had a very public relationship that apparently left neither of them afraid of oversharing. But since that romance came hot on the heels of her divorce with West, it was also subject to constant feuding thanks to pressure from West and his more enthusiastic fans.

As this largely one-sided feud saw West make multiple threatening remarks and even a violent music video about Davidson, West's behavior opened him up to sustained backlash and got him temporarily suspended from Instagram.

And based on his most recent post there, it seems that West's feelings about Davidson post-breakup haven't softened any.

On August 5, reports circulated that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson had broken up after nine months of dating.

Kim Kardashian maknig a kissing face while laying down next to shirtless and heavily tattooed Pete Davidson in selfie
instagram | @kimkardashian

According to Page Six, the former couple have decided to stay friends, but felt that the long distance, conflicting schedules, and incompatible lifestyles between them made their relationship untenable.

As an anonymous source said to the outlet, "Pete is totally spontaneous and impulsive and wants her to fly to New York, or wherever he is on a moment’s notice, but Kim has four kids and it isn’t that easy. She needs to focus on the kids."

But despite West's long history of trying to get back with Kardashian in the months since their separation, she doesn't appear to be interested in rekindling anything with him either.

Kanye West looking to the side as he stands with Kim Kardashian during Cosmopolitan UK event
Wikimedia Commons | RogueShanghai

As Hollywood Life reported, their divorce case remains ongoing and will be finalized "soon," which indicates as clearly as anything can that Kardashian is not open to another romantic relationship with West.

Nonetheless, West appeared to find the news of her breakup with Davidson a cause for celebration, at least judging by the sole photo that now exists on his Instagram account.

Photoshop of New York Times front page announcing Pete "Skete" Davidson's non-existent death on Kanye West's Instagram
instagram | @kanyewest

As we can see, it's a very obviously photoshopped front page for The New York Times declaring the death of "Skete" Davidson, his derisive nickname for the former SNL star.

Whether that means West now sees reason to retire this nickname or that he believes Davidson is as good as dead without Kardashian appears to be up to interpretation.

After all, West didn't accompany this image with any caption.

However, if you take a look just underneath his fake headline, you'll see that Davidson wasn't the only self-made enemy West was calling out with his post.

Kanye West looking pensive at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival
Wikimedia Commons | David Shankbone

There's also a line of text saying, "Kid Cudi meant to play funeral but fearful of bottle throwers."

According to NME, this is a reference to a headlining Rolling Loud performance that saw Cudi leave the stage due to the crowd throwing objects and chanting West's name at him.

This is partially due to the fact that his set replaced West's after the latter cancelled his appearance. But it's also part of an ongoing feud between the artists that allegedly started when Cudi refused to abandon his friendship with Davidson for West's sake.

Clearly, this is something West hasn't forgotten.