Guy Hires William Hung To Give His Two Week's Notice For Him

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What's the best way to quit your job? Do you do it in a blaze of glory or do you start quietly doing the work to rule thing? Let's be honest, most of us are afraid of burning bridges and just give the standard two weeks' notice.

One option that's technically on the table, even if it's extremely under-utilized, is to get a niche celebrity to quit your job for you, thanks to the magic of Cameo.

Yes, really.

Sometimes, you've just had enough.

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While it can be tough to know exactly how to quit a job, the why is a bit simpler. Maybe a better opportunity has come up, but then again, maybe you've just reached a breaking point for whatever reason.

Let's talk about William Hung.

'American Idol' winner William Hung
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This seems like a total non sequitur, but I promise you it's relevant to the story.

William Hung, if you'll remember, became a celebrity overnight after his performance of Ricky Martin's "She Bangs" on the third season of American Idol back in 2004.

Hung didn't win and eventually hung up the mic to pursue a career with the LAPD. But that doesn't mean he's totally faded from the public consciousness, either.

Now to introduce you to the other players in this story.

This is Chris Gonzalez and Joellen Lu, a California couple. Gonzalez recently decided it was time to quit his job, but he opted for an unusual way to do so.

After noticing that William Hung has a Cameo account — y'know, that thing where you can pay celebs to record a custom message for you — Chris had an idea.

Chris announced he was quitting via a William Hung cameo.

William Hung announcing man is quitting job in a Cameo video
TikTok | @joellenlove

Joellen shared the clip on TikTok, in which William breaks the news to Chris' coworkers:

"Hi everyone, this is William Hung," he said. "Christopher is going to put in his notice to leave the current job for a new job in two weeks. He found a new job, but he'll miss all of you. You're all amazing, so don't give up creating the life you want."

Then he sang a song, because William Hung is a born entertainer.

The video was a smash hit.

TikTok comments on video of William Hung announcing that man is quitting his job
TikTok | @joellenlove

We're assuming that Chris' former coworkers were delighted to see the video on their Slack chat (even if they were sad to see Chris go), but the video took on new life, and viral fame, after Joellen posted it on TikTok.

It's just more evidence that William Hung is a national treasure.

Hung isn't performing much anymore, as his new gigs have him pretty well occupied. But he did make a surprise appearance on Idol a few years back when he reprised his iconic 2004 performance.

He's also a motivational speaker.

Even though Idol judge Simon Cowell told Hung, "You can't sing, you can't dance, so what do you want me to say?", Hung had the perfect retort: "I ... gave my best, and I have no regrets at all."

Hung has parlayed this relentless optimism into a lucrative career as a motivational speaker.

He also has a TikTok.

Of course, if you want a personalized video from William Hung, you'll have to do it through Cameo.

But if you just want to hear his thoughts on the world, you can head over to his TikTok account where he regularly posts uplifting videos.

Here's the epic quitting video.

You can check out the viral video here. It's just a great story all around: there are no villains here, no bad bosses, just a guy who found a better job opportunity elsewhere and found a hilarious way to give his notice.

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