Tattoo Artist Creates Tattoos That Change With The Movements Of Someone's Body

Lex Gabrielle
girl getting tattooed
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Getting a tattoo is a very special moment for people who decide to get one. Tattoos are permanent and last a lifetime, so choosing who you go to as your artist and what you get done can be rather tricky.

Some people want something that not only looks great but represents a part of who they are, too. That can be something that only some artists can do.

Each tattoo artist has their own special set of skills.

tattoo artist
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Many tattoo artists have their own special set of skills that are key to them. Some artists are great with font and lettering, while others are good with traditional and coloring. Shading is important, as well, when it comes to choosing an artist.

Tattoos are all done differently, especially when it comes to where on the body they are.

woman with tattoos on hands
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Choosing where you get a tattoo on your body is also important, just like choosing an artist. That is because every part of the body has different consistencies and complexities.

Artists have places they recommend and do not recommend when getting a tattoo.

tattoos on arm
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There are places on the body that are easier to tattoo than others. There are also places on the body that are more painful than others to get tattooed. And, healing time varies depending on where you get tattooed, too.

Many times, artists don't like to tattoo knees and elbows.

person getting a tattoo done
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Knees and elbows are definitely not the first places many tattoo artists go to because of how our bodies move. Knees and elbows bend more times than we can count in a day, which can warp the ink.

Warped ink can look rather strange for some.

woman with tattoos drinking coffee
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Moving the body around and having warped ink can lead to a lot of issues with healing for some people. And, not many individuals want their ink to move with their bodies.

However, there are some who specifically seek that out.

One tattoo artist, Veks Van Hillik, actually focuses on the knees and the elbows specifically, because he creates masterpieces that move with the overall movement of the body. His artwork is meant to bend with the body, even the elbows, and the knees.

The tattoos actually transform with movement.

While at first, the tattoo may appear to be one thing, it transforms with the body as a person bends and squats. For example, a butterfly can appear when the person bends but can be something different when they stand straight.

This moon looks like just a moon.

The moon appears when the person has their leg bent, but when the person stretches it out, a hidden picture appears. The moon has a skull face and mouth, which you wouldn't be able to tell until they stretch.

It looks like an instrument at first glance.

However, upon looking closer at how the knees bend and stretch, there is an entire fish behind that leg. The artist focuses specifically on the human body to showcase how to hide and show specific pieces of art.

More than just a face.

This piece is far more than just a face. The two sides may look symmetrical, but as soon as the person extends their arm and elbow, there was a whole honeycomb inside of that arm.

This bug has a hidden inside.

Inside of this bug is a hidden face and truly, no one would have expected that. The beetle looks not only perfect but so does the hidden image inside of that knee. It's remarkable.