Jason Momoa Poses As Flight Attendant To Surprise Passengers

Sarah Kester
Jason Momoa on flight
TikTok | livinglikekylee

Jason Momoa’s love for his fans is reaching new heights. While other celebs are racking up miles on private planes, the Aquaman star recently surprised fans on a flight to Hawaii by posing as their flight attendant!

He did what any good worker would do — he provided travelers with bottles of water and lots of smiles. He also generously gifted travelers 10,000 Hawaiian Airlines miles!

This hilarious, but sweet video was shared to TikTok by a woman named Kylee Yoshikawa @livinglikekylee.

Jason and Ben Affleck
instagram | prideofgypsies

"My aunty sent me this vid, i just thought i'd share 😍✈️," she wrote. In the clip that has since gone viral (how could it not?) Momoa was shown pulling a drink cart down the aisle of a Hawaiian Airlines flight.

The 43-year-old Hawaii native was all smiles as he handed out water bottles to shocked passengers. 

Jason handing out water
instagram | livinglikekylee

He was clearly the last person they expected to see. But he did look incredibly handsome as ever in a gray suit with a black shirt underneath.

Ahead of the star's birthday, he also wore a lei around his neck and a pink flower behind his ear. 

Jason handing out water
TikTok | livinglikekyle

Naturally, the people in the comments went wild for Momoa’s kind gesture, including one who called him “aguaman.” This was in reference to the actor’s character in Aquaman.

Basically, it means that he’s living up to his superhero title. 

Jason in Aquaman
Giphy | HBO Max

"IM NEVER SLEEPING THROUGH A FLIGHT AGAIN," one person wrote. Same. Also, need to start saving for a flight to Hawaii.

Many were quite thirsty, but it wasn't for the water bottles.

"In this situation, im gonna ask for another water," another joked.

Man drinking water
Giphy | HULU

Kylee replied, "i would drink gasoline if jason momoa told me to tbh." One fan brought up the flower behind his left year, writing, “he is spoken for ladies.”

There’s actually some meaning to this, as Hawaiian culture states that if you wear a flower behind your left ear, you are married and/or unavailable.

Jason with flower behind ear
TikTok | livinglikekylee

If you were it behind the right ear, you are single and ready to mingle. 

It’s been rumored that Momoa is currently dating ​​Eiza González following his separation from his wife, Lisa Bonet. 

Eiza and Jason reportedly split back in June due to busy schedules that weren't aligned. But seeing as how Jason's flower is on the left side, they appear to be back on.

As Aquaman, fans weren't surprised that he was handing out water.

The bottles of water he was handing out to grateful passengers were even from Mananalu, the brand of water that he founded. This is incredibly on brand for him.

In the comments, Kylee answered some questions that viewers had about the miraculous situation.

Jason posing
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For instance, "was that in first class only or did he also go down to economy also?" one asked. Kylee replied to this, writing, "I believe he walked the whole plane!"

His recent motorcycle accident was brought into question.

Jason Momoa carrying boxes
instagram | prideofgypsies

On July 24, the actor was involved in a head-on collision that left him "shaken." While he walked away from the scary incident unharmed, the other motorist was treated at a hospital nearby for minor injuries.

"He was just hit head on by a motorcycle in a car accident last week.. Guess he’s ok," a fan wrote.

"omg im glad hes ok too!" Kylee replied.

Well, if being an actor doesn't work out for the star, he can always be a flight attendant and hand out the signature cocktail, Jason Mimosa!