Tom Cruise Apologizes For Wrecking Couple's Hike Before Daring Cliff Jump

Mason Joseph Zimmer
Tom Cruise waving in stunt suit and parachute while filming Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning
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One British couple had an unforgettable experience after their mountainside hike was interrupted by the filming of a new Tom Cruise movie.

Cruise has long built a reputation as someone who's not afraid of taking risks, even if those risks involve doing the most dangerous stunts we can think of. And while his continued association with the Church of Scientology has made him a polarizing figure, his sense of adventure and coolness under pressure has had life-saving implications for at least one of his costars.

But while the tale we're about to share with you today doesn't have such serious stakes at hand, it goes a long way to illustrate that the craziest thing many of us could think to do is just part of another day for him.

Recently, an English couple named Sarah and Jason Haygarth were hiking along the craggy mountains near the Lake District National Park.

Tom Cruise smiling at 2019 San Diego Comic Con
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But while they and their dog Edward had a lot of scenic beauty to take in, The Sun reported that their hike soon took an unexpected turn when a helicopter landed in front of them and Tom Cruise stepped out of it.

According to Page Six, he was likely filming a scene for the upcoming seventh installment in the Mission Impossible franchise, Dead Reckoning Part One.

But while it was clear from his paragliding suit that he was about to embark on yet another high-octane stunt, he seemed more concerned about the couple's good time.

Tom Cruise waving in stunt suit and parachute while filming Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning
twitter | @TCNews62

As he reportedly said, "Sorry for disturbing your peaceful walk with all the noise — I like your dog."

But rather than being bothered by any noise, it seemed that Sarah was understandably more fascinated by what was happening in front of her.

In particular, by the fact that Tom Cruise had taken his gear to such a treacherous and rocky cliff.

In her words, "Are you really going to jump off there?"

And it sounded like his reaction was just as casual as if she had asked him whether he was having a good day. Because he simply nodded and said "See you later, folks" as he ran forward and took the plunge.

As we can see here, his jump seemed to go about as well as he expected it to.

Sarah marveled at how matter-of-fact he was about such an intense experience, saying, "He was as cool as a cucumber."

But for his part, Jason was just amazed that a world-famous movie star all but fell out of the sky in front of him.

As he put it, "Before this the most famous person I’d ever met was Richard Madeley. I ended up having a wee stood next to him in the gents. This tops that by a country mile."

h/t: The Sun