Man Fuming After Wife Pulls A Prank Pretending She's Pregnant

Lex Gabrielle
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There are many people in the world who struggle with fertility issues. Sometimes, a woman cannot conceive or get pregnant. Other times, a man does not have viable sperm to get another pregnant.

Regardless of where the problem lies, it can be an incredibly hard road and cause many emotional issues and disappointment to not be able to naturally conceive and have children.

Recently, one Reddit user opened up online about an issue he was having with his partner.

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The male Reddit user said he has been with his female partner for 5 years. His girlfriend has a child from a previous relationship but shared that he struggles with fertility and would not be able to father a child.

The reason for his fertility issues stems from an injury he endured as a child.

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"I told her exactly why I’m infertile which is a direct result of an injury I suffered due to trauma as a child. She was really empathetic and I was just thankful I had found the one I want to spend my life with that also came with a kid I adore," the Reddit user wrote.

Then, his partner decided to play a prank on him one day.

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When he came home from work, there were multiple positive pregnancy tests in the bathroom. His partner decided to say she was pregnant—which made the Reddit user super happy because he thought he had a shot at fathering a child.

As it turns out, the tests weren't his partner's.

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It turns out that his partner was lying and the tests were really her friend's. He was "devastating" and let down that she would pull a prank like this, especially about something he can't control. She apologized after seeing how hurt he was.

Three weeks later, at a family dinner, his partner announced she was actually pregnant.

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Although her family was over the moon, the Reddit user was angry. He thought it was another prank—or, that his partner had cheated on her. Everyone at the dinner noticed he was upset about the pregnancy news. However, he felt as though he was justified in his reaction.

His partner, however, is very angry at his reaction.

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"My partner’s POV is that she was sincerely apologetic about the prank and I should know her well enough to not think she’d ever pull that stunt again.

She’s also livid at me for ruining the announcement, embarrassing her in front of her entire family, causing them to think I’m a horrible person, and then finally insinuating that she’s a cheater," he wrote.

Many people online agreed the Reddit user was justified to feel that way.

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"The part that gets me is where she says she thought OP would know her well enough that she wouldn't pull that prank again. But here's the thing: OP thought he knew her well enough that she wouldn't have pulled a prank like that to begin with," shared one Reddit user online.

Others agreed with this.

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Dozens of people online said that pregnancy jokes are always cruel, no matter who they are against or for. People struggle with infertility every day, it's not something to make light of for anyone—no matter what.

Many said she should have told him in private that she was pregnant.

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"She should've told you in private first, before announcing to her family. She really misplayed her hand here, and it's all her own fault," another person shared online.

Others had to agree with that.

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"She cried wolf and it backfired. Honestly, it's odd to me that she decided to surprise you at the same moment as her family. Even without your history I find that a bit insensitive, as it should be a private moment for you too first," another shared.

And, many people said he needs to get a paternity test done.

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"Get a paternity test! She lost all trust when she danced with the Devil in tricking you considering your traumatic past. That was stone cold. Your reaction at the dinner party is her consequence from her dumb actions," one person shared.