Jennifer Aniston Makes 'Friends' Fans Hearts Melt With Sweet Birthday Tribute To Lisa Kudrow

Alicia D'Aversa
Lisa Kudrow holding her first up
instagram | @lisakudrow

No one knows that Friends are forever quite the way Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green) and Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay) do!

Friends was about an iconic group of friends, and from that show, we got some real-life friendships, especially amongst the women (Courteney Cox included). And that proved to be true once more this year as Aniston made us all clutch our chests for a super cute photo that she posed on Instagram to celebrate Kudrow.

Lisa Kudrow has turned 59!

Phoebe doing an evil laugh on 'Friends'
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And Jennifer Aniston, one of her BFFs from Friends made sure that she felt the love. She posted some adorable pictures on Instagram to celebrate her co-star. Fans were immediately feeling nostalgic once they saw the pics.

"Happy birthday @lisakudrow," Aniston wrote.

Rachel and Phoebe jumping up and down in Jennifer Aniston's instagram story with the words "I love you" underneath
instagram | @jenniferaniston

She captioned it alongside a photo of the two of them at the 29th People's Choice Awards back in 2003. She followed it up with a sweet GIF of them jumping up and down in Friends with an "I love you."

She also put up a super sweet picture of herself kissing Kudrow on the forehead.

Jennifer Aniston kissing Lisa Kudrow on the forehead in a selfie
instagram | @jenniferaniston

The photos sparked a ton of love for both stars on Instagram. But it's not the first time we see something super cute involving them. Kudrow has opened up to PEOPLE before about the bond amongst the cast.

"I feel like we can pick up right where we left off, and no time's passed."

"We're connected no matter what." she had said at the time.

"It's still, to me, one of the greatest jobs I've ever had," Aniston added.

"It goes so beyond the work and what the show was, which was, in and of itself, just a spectacular phenomenon, but the friendships and family that came out of it is just — you can't put words to that really."

Rachel and Phoebe jumping up and down in 'Friends'
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"It's priceless."