Former Teacher Quits To Go Work At Walmart For Better Salary, Opportunities

Ashley Hunte
Sethy Gabriel holding his Walmart vest.
TikTok | @sg_powerlifting

For many educators, the biggest reward is being able to change young lives through education. But the sad reality is, teachers don't get paid nearly enough for the amount of qualifications they have to have, and work they have to do.

A former teacher from Ohio shares how he quit his profession to become a manager at a local Walmart, and makes a lot more doing so.

Earlier this month, Seth Goshorn uploaded his video.

Seth sharing his Walmart vest after quitting his teaching job to make more money.
TikTok | @sg_powerlifting

Going by Sethy Gabriel (@sg_powerlifting) on TikTok, Seth posted a short clip of himself holding his Walmart uniform accompanied with the caption: "Leaving teaching after 6 years to be a manager at Walmart and make more not using my degree."

Seth used to work as a teacher in Northeastern Ohio.

But after working as a teacher for six years, he felt that he wasn't making nearly as much money as he wanted, and decided to make a career change.

He shares that Walmart workers can make a lot of money without having advanced degrees.

The homepage of the Walmart website.
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In an interview with Good Morning America, Seth said, "[The compensation] was a lot better than I think people are used to and what people would expect."

That being said, he did love being an educator.

A teacher standing in front of his class.
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In the same interview, he stated that he wanted a job with a higher salary because he is planning on starting a family with his fiancée in the near future.

His teaching job had him making a surprisingly low salary.

A stack of school workbooks.
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Despite being at the job for six years, Seth was only making $43,000 when working with Plain Local Schools in Ohio's Stark County. The district confirmed that $43,000 to $83,000 is their typical teacher salary range.

Meanwhile, with Walmart, Seth is already making over $50,ooo.

The grocery aisle of a Walmart.
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In fact, as a stocking 2 coach with Walmart, he makes $55,000 per year, and that's before receiving any yearly bonuses or anything. That's a pretty huge jump from his previous salary.

This just shows how underappreciated teachers can be in America.

A teacher standing next to her empty classroom.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused teacher shortages and burnout all across the country, with educators having to deal with increased pressures and stress thanks to the virus.

In Seth's mind, teachers should be making more money.

A person holding several USD $100
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Seth shared his story in hopes that he could shed light on the poor compensation teachers have, especially since their jobs are tough and require a great deal of education to do.

But he doesn't discourage anyone from being a teacher.

A teacher responding to a kid whose hand is raised.
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In fact, it's because he sees value in educators that he shared the difference in compensation between the average teacher and a person in management for a retail chain like Walmart.

And he hasn't totally given up on his old dream.

An empty classroom with two columns of desks.
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He may not be a full-time teacher now, but Seth still plans on renewing his teaching license in the coming years. Perhaps there will come a day where teachers are as valued as he values them.

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