'Toxic Therapist' Sparks Huge Debate After Blaming Men's Relationship Failures On Mothers

Lex Gabrielle
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Growing up, we learn a lot from our mothers. They are the ones who nurture us and help us grow. They teach us our life lessons and they make sure we are okay. They support us, love us, and want to see us thrive. Many of us grow up with strong relationships with our mothers and go through life maintaining them. But, sometimes, those relationships can be too close.

Some people grow up far too attached to their moms.

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The whole terminology of "Momma's Boy" has to come from somewhere, right? There are some men who grow so attached to their moms that it becomes rather hard for them to let go.

Some moms also instill some rather "inappropriate" lessons in their kids.

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A man usually learns how to treat a woman by the way their mother shows them and respects them. With moms sometimes being toxic, manipulative, and even emotionally abusive, this can show them the wrong things about love and respect towards women.

When these guys grow up, they tend to hurt women in the long run.

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Those guys who were not taught well by their mothers oftentimes can grow into toxic boyfriends who, in turn, do not respect their girlfriends. Instead, they might display these toxic behaviors to them.

Many of us know this to be true based on experience.

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People oftentimes know this can be true based on whether or not they experience it firsthand. Like, if a woman dates a guy too attached to his mom and cannot compete. Or, if a guy has a toxic relationship with his mother and treats his girlfriend poorly in return.

Recently, one TikTok user pointed this out online and it sparked quite the debate.

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Jamaal Banks, who is on TikTok as @jayoffline, coined the fact that he is a "toxic therapist," meaning he always tells women the things that they need to hear about men's toxic behaviors.

In one video, he claimed that a guy's mom has a huge hand in relationship failures.

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In the shared video, that has over 9 million views, he pointed out that when a relationship ends, it's two people's fault. However, it wasn't the two people in the relationship. Instead, it's the guy and his mom.

Many people online found it really relatable.

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Many users on TikTok commented that they have definitely been in this position where an ex's mom had intervened in their relationship or made things worse for them in the long run, causing a breakup.

Others felt like guys need to break those close ties with their moms.

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Some users online said that it's time for moms to get out of their son's relationships entirely and it's creepy and weird when they are too close for comfort.

However, some disagreed with the video posted.

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There were some users online that felt the video put all the blame on women—even if the relationship failure was the guy's fault—because you're blaming a woman, his mom. In the end, guys need to take responsibility for their faults.

Another person pointed out that toxic fathers also exist.

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Another person on the TikTok app commented and said that we cannot just focus on toxic mom relationships. Toxic fathers also exist who can teach their child all the wrong things about what it means to be a man.

Overall, many people found this to be rather funny.

Despite the back and forth and countering opinions, the majority of people found this video to be hilarious, because at one point or another we have all dealt with a toxic ex's mom.