Resident Leaves Hilarious Letter For Postman After Spider 'Holds Mail Hostage'

Lex Gabrielle
brown spider
Unsplash | Timothy Dykes

There are many people in the world who have tons of different phobias and fears. One of the most common fears and phobias happens to be a fear of spiders.

People all over the world are terrified of the eight-legged creatures, fearing that they will harm them—or, just fearing their appearance in general. Not many people love or enjoy spiders.

Most people fear spiders based on the way they look.

spider on web
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Having all of those crazy legs, having such a long body, and also having hair on them makes spiders extremely scary to some people. Their entire appearance as a creature is frightening, to say the least.

Fears of spiders can also be a "learned thing."

spider making an egg sack
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Studies indicate that when you are raised by or grow up around people who are scared of spiders, you are more likely to be fearful of them too—simply by proxy and hearing about it so often.

Some are also scared because some spiders are poisonous.

huge spider
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Many are aware that some spiders can be dangerous and poisonous, so being bit by one would not be ideal. Not knowing whether or not a specific spider is deadly instills a ton of pressure and fear in a person.

Some people are so scared of spiders, that it might even effect their day.

woman scared
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Once a spider enters their home or even in their personal space, their entire day is uprooted and ruined. They can't go near anything that the spider has touched or even be near it at all.

Recently, an Instagram account shared the worst of the worst when it came to spider fears.

neighbor sign
Unsplash | Jon Tyson

The Instagram account "Neighbors from Hell," which is an account that shares exactly what it states—terrible neighbors—recently shared a note that was posted for the mailman by one resident who was "trapped" in their home.

The resident asked the mailman for some "help."

The letter signed by the resident said that there was a giant spider living on the right side of his mailbox and he needed the mailman to help by either murdering it or relocating it so that they can finally check their mail again.

On one hand, at least the letter was polite.

aww gif

The person who wrote the letter clearly asked nicely, and also referred to the postman in a respectful way. But what if the mailman also has a fear of spiders? What then?

It has us thinking—what if he never gets his mail?

Giphy | BET

The person who is clearly not checking their mail may miss some important things. What about their bills? Or if they get summoned for Jury Duty—that could be an unfortunate thing to miss

Overall, people felt it was relatable.

same gif

Many people online felt that the note was pretty relatable and honest, and quite frankly, funny. There are probably many of us who could probably find ourselves in the exact same situation, tbh.

While it seems a bit of a stretch, we've seen worse.

spider on web
Unsplash | Ed van duijn

Writing a letter to the postman to ask them to relocate or kill a spider may seem like a huge step to take just to get rid of a spider, but there have been people who do way, way worse.

Like, this one woman who called the police to try and get their help—with a spider.

police car light
Unsplash | Scott Rodgerson

One woman literally called the police, asking them if they would come to her home to remove a spider that was inside. If that's not the craziest thing, we're not sure what is.

Relatable af!