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Instagrammer's Side-By-Side Pics Remind Us To Stop Comparing Ourselves To Posed Photos

Let me ask you something: Do you ever scroll social media and get a little envious of what other people look like? I mean, we're only human. So don't feel bad if you do that. I'll admit it happens to me on occasion.

But what we all need to understand is that social media isn't real life. People are there to show perfection. And it's easy to get caught up with that. That's why I'm always impressed when real people show themselves just the way they are, like this Instagram account. Check it out.

Isabella, who goes by Spotty Little Thing on Instagram, isn't afraid to show who she really is.

This body-positive Instagrammer wants to shine the light on the difference between the perfect posed shots and how most people look in their daily lives.

She's notorious for showing some before and after pics.

On one side of the photo, she shows what Instagrammers do to look their best. They're almost always sucking in their stomach and flexing a certain way. But on the other side, she shows the so-called "relaxed" pose.

Do you see what I mean?

You can really see it in this photo. What a difference, eh? She cleverly lifted up her sweat pants to hide her stomach, and now the picture is totally transformed. It's a trick many people use on social media.

Isabella is happy to flaunt her voluptuous curves.

She wants to show women that having a tummy and cellulite is completely normal. And after all, women have bodies in all shapes and sizes. The point she's trying to make is for women to not compare themselves to other people.

Most of those perfect pictures we see on Instagram are staged.

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The person in the photo is strategically posed, so their body looks leaner and flexed. That's not how people look on a daily basis. These photos are definitely exaggerated on purpose.

So why even compare yourself to them?

Here's how she explains it, "But for one great shot so much has gone on behind the scenes — lighting, angels, camera work, posing, editing, and lots of more unflattering images you'll never see.

That's so true, no?

Heck, I've even done that. I can admit it. The older I get, the more self-conscious I am of my tummy. So I find myself trying to suck it in when I pose for pictures. Most of us have done it.

Isabella wants women to give themselves a break.

Instead, she urges all of us to accept our bodies the way they are. She says that "We are amazing and beautiful exactly as we are posed and unposed." True, dat. Who is to argue with this as it makes complete sense?

Next time you're scrolling on Instagram just remember that.

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Most of the shots of beautiful people you see there have been heavily posed. And the truth is we are all lovely in our own way. So there's no need to compare yourself to others. Just be who you are, and people will love you anyway.