Cousin Reveals The True Story Of What Happened When Elizabeth Learned She Was Queen

Rae Batchelor
Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh on the day of their coronation, Buckingham Palace, 1953.
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A cousin of the Royal Family has revealed exactly what happened when Queen Elizabeth learned she had earned the royal title.

For many of us, we can't remember a time when Queen Elizabeth wasn't the head of the Royal Family, as she's the longest running ruler who was given the crown at the young age of 25. While the story of Elizabeth learning she had become the Queen has been dramatized on shows like The Crown, a relative of the family has revealed how it really went down.

Elizabeth became the Queen on February 6th, 1952.

Her father, King George VI, passed away in his sleep while Elizabeth was on a trip wildlife-watching in Kenya.

Lady Pamela Hicks, a cousin of Prince Phillip's, was present on that trip, and passed the story of what happened with Elizabeth learned she had become the ruling monarch to her daughter.

Lady Pamela's daughter, India, revealed what her mother told her.

"My mother remembered very clearly that when she heard the news, she paced up and down, up and down with Philip and the ladies-in-waiting and the private secretary," India told People.

"Finally when the Queen had gathered herself, she said, 'I'm so sorry, but we are going to have to go back to England,'" she recounted.

"That was so indicative of the Queen that she would have apologized for something like that."

"They all said, 'Don't be ridiculous,'" India continued. "My mother gave her a hug and suddenly remembered, 'This is my queen,' and dropped into a deep curtsy."

"She went up that ladder a princess and came down a queen," Lady Pamela herself said.

"When we landed in England and seeing Winston Churchill and others drawn up on the tarmac, there was this sudden realization that this was the end of her private life," Lady Pamela added.

What an incredible story!

h/t: People