Women Share Embarrassing Behaviors Of Their Partner

Sarah Kester
Couple separated on wall
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Be around a person long enough and you’re bound to learn everything there is to know about them —the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This could be their gross hygiene habits, a bad temper, or a selfish inability to tip well at restaurants. For some women, these bad habits are dealbreakers — as they should be! 

Here, women share embarrassing behaviors of their partners. 

The bad tipper guy

Person paying for food
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This is a deal breaker for some women! They feel as though men should pay for the good service they just had, especially when most servers, waiters, and bartenders rely on their tips to get by.

The misogynistic guy

Ross with his son
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"I dated a guy with a toddler. Cutest little girl. He was embarrassed to do a thing 'girly' with her. Or even fatherly when I was around. If we were in public? I was carrying her, changing her diaper, basically being her Mom. We were together way longer than we should’ve been." - u/cleaning-meaning

The bad customer guy

Man yelling

You thought bad tipping was bad? A person yelling at a server and making a scene is arguably worse.

One woman dated a man who yelled at their server because the portion of Brussel sprouts they got was on the smaller side, and he thought that it was too expensive.

The fearful guy

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"Went on a date with a guy. Turns out the restaurant we picked for lunch was located right in the center of a pride event downtown. Dude made me hold his hand to and from the restaurant. I guess he was afraid he'd be carried off by the gays or something?" - u/starglitter

The church guy

Religious man holding bible
USA Today | FOX

When a woman was in high school, she dated the son of a pastor. After they broke up, he spent the whole night driving around looking for her at a party.

He stormed in, crying, and yelled at her friends that they were corrupting her. When he took her home, he asked her mom to come outside so that they could all pray together.

The trying-too-hard guy

Guy in red shirt
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"Trying too hard to make jokes with waiters and waitresses. But trying too hard and not stopping when they look uncomfortable. Heart in the right place but lacking tact bless him." - u/Pursuitofhappy95. This would be cringe to watch.

The alcoholic guy

Man chugging beer

Drinking to have fun is one thing, but drinking to black out is entirely another. One woman's ex-fiancé would do this and go on to bash people's diet, religion, and so on. It's a pretty quick way to make your partner lose respect for you

The unsanitary guy

Paris grossed out

"Had a boyfriend that pissed in bottles and left them out in the open in his apartment, had a friend see them and asked what they were, said he liked drinking apple juice

I don't think she believed me lol." - u/MidnightFireHuntress

The lazy guy

Man yawning
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It's one thing to be unemployed and struggle to find a job. It's entirely another to be unemployed and do NOTHING about it. That is just laziness. Sadly, one woman's partner did this and then blamed her for not motivating him.

The tantrum guy

Ben Stiller on Friends
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"A former partner would try to win arguments by humiliating me. my last straw was a 'tantrum' in a grocery store where he was aggressively striking me with the cart he was pushing. He made a scene at the checkout and that was it for me. He carried on and the police were called and I just maintained my composure and just did as the police suggested." - u/knifeymonkey

The unhealthy diet guy

Man holding potato

One man a Redditor dated only ate potatoes. Seriously. His main diet consisted of french fries, potato chips, or hash browns. When they went to a nice restaurant, he'd ask for a plate of fries — no dairy, veggies, or meat.

The immature guy

Immature man
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"I had an ex who would make socially and situationally inappropriate comments and 'jokes' to try to seem cool, but it was embarrassing and annoying. He lacked the maturity and social awareness to understand how uncomfortable he was making people." - u/nevertruly

The antisocial guy

Sheldon drinking tea
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If your partner hung around your friends and family, you'd expect them to be nice, right? Well, one woman's partner was so antisocial that he would sit or stand and not say a thing to make them feel unwelcome.

The spitter guy

The Rock spitting
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Some habits are just flat-out disgusting. Spitting in public is one of them. A Redditor's ex was a smoker, so his spits were even worse. He would make a loud phlegmy noise whenever he did it. Gross.

The no-manners guy

Man shoving food in mouth
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"My ex... He used to make the worst noises while eating. Slurping noodles and soup, smacking. I hated it as I have misophonia. I would get so angry listening to him eat or drink. Gulping liquids. Couldn't handle it." - u/obiwan_jenobi

The liar guy

Man with mark around his mouth
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"Telling his family and our friends that I cheated and was unfaithful to him when it wasn’t true. It traumatized me. His mom kept telling me that I knew what he was talking about when I very clearly told them that I don’t know. It made me feel crazy and now I have trust issues." - u/honeybobes

The grocery cart guy

Grocery cart
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Of course, some habits are not as bad as others. Like one woman's husband who leaves the grocery cart at the end of an aisle. She finds it extremely rude and embarrassing as it gets in the way of other shoppers.

The "alpha" guy

Nate Jacobs
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"Weird alpha-manly-themed posts on ig. Particularly car-related stuff. Would have been fine if it was ironic, haha-people-actually-talk-like-this, but no. He was the one talking like this. It makes me cringe so bad." - u/kia-audi-spider-legs. Yikes. Run, girl!

The sore loser guy

Guy with head on table
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One woman dated a sore loser. She found it especially embarrassing when playing board games with friends, as he would pout, get angry, and eventually refuse to play if he wasn't winning. His mom would even try to convince her to just let him win.

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