20 Pics That Come With A Sweet Backstory That'll Chase The Blues

Man sitting in cafe gathering up money to hand out
twitter | @KevinCate

Everyone knows that a good backstory has the potential to turn an average picture into a profound one. So in that spirit, we'd like to present to you some more pics where the backstory is everything.

Some pics give you a full story, with receipts. Others give you just a glimpse of what's going on. But all of these are fascinating glimpses into the overall human condition.

"This Vietnamese teacher couldn't even sit down because of a handicap, yet he's run a supplementary school that helps poor students in the village for free for over 30 years. His name is Le Quoc Hung."

Handicapped teacher helping poor Vietnamese students
reddit | 1954isthebest

It's truly hard to fathom how some people do what they do with no expectation of recognition or a reward.

"Had the pleasure of taking Jack Black fishing with his family. He caught the biggest rainbow!"

Fishing guide posing with Jack Black
reddit | ElFerritoNegro

The caption for this photo offered just enough detail to tantalize the audience without fully explaining what's going on. So we did some research: turns out he went on a fishing getaway to Oregon recently.

"21 years ago today, wife and I met in a waterslide line. Here's us the night we met and us now."

Comparison showing couple now versus when they met 21 years ago
reddit | the-d-man

The 'before' photo is from the early aughts, when every dude took his aesthetic cues from boy bands. It's cool to see how far this couple has come.

"This is my wife's favorite pair of heels. She has held onto them for years, even though they're too tight (her feet grew slightly during her last pregnancy). As a surprise for our anniversary in 3 weeks, I bought some shoe stretchers and I've been carefully expanding them. I can't wait to show her!"

Heels getting stretched out as gift from husband to wife
reddit | JephriB

Here's a husband who truly cares about what his wife likes. Hopefully he did a little bit of research beforehand.

"2 years sober in May, Bought a house in June, Got married in July (today!)."

Man posing after getting sober, buying house, getting married
reddit | saltylife11

Anyone who's gotten sober will tell you that life milestones are just that much sweeter after kicking the habit. In this guy's case, he's celebrating some big, big milestones, too.

"When he fainted, his uncle rushed to the field to lift and hold him until he can stand on his own again. His uncle is also the one who raised him after his parent’s died when he’s just a kid."

Soldier helped by uncle after fainting
reddit | comnidohdohdoh

The people who raise us never stop caring about our wellbeing, and this photo is proof positive.

"Stand for Strays Thailand has launched foldable shelters made of recycled billboards for stray dogs."

Foldable shelters for stray dogs
reddit | Deepakhn

When you visit a place that has stray dogs on the street, it can be an upsetting thing to witness. Initiatives like this help give these poor strays a slight leg up in the world.

"Scientist Grover Krantz donated his body to science on one condition; That his dog Clyde an Irish wolfhound be right by him. Now displayed together in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History."

Scientist's skeleton preserved with that of his dog
reddit | j3ffr33d0m

This is a beautiful tribute. I'm sure Grover Krantz would have approved wholeheartedly.

"Fully stocked my fridge for the first time after some hardship!"

Fully stocked fridge after experiencing hardship
reddit | carpetconsumer

Even if you're not struggling, it's a good feeling to fully stock up your fridge. And if you have been struggling, it just feels that much sweeter to fill it up.

"Spreading happiness in darkness. My friend is a comedian, he performs for troops deployed in high-risk areas including the Poland-Ukraine border."

Comedian entertaining troops on Poland-Ukraine border
reddit | Shrimp_eyes_are_cool

Comedians and other entertainers have performed a valuable job in warzones dating back decades. This funny guy is just the latest to take part in a proud legacy.

"U of U Burn Unit putting on a 'party' for one of the little kids in their care."

Burn unit putting on a party for kid in their care
reddit | excandor

It's hard to imagine what it must be like for a kid to grow up in a hospital. It's nice to see staffers making the extra effort.

"Man giving his wife a kitten."

Man giving his wife a kitten
reddit | Random_Average_Human

Did she ask for a kitten? Honestly, we have no idea. But judging by her overjoyed expression, this is a welcome (if unexpected) gift. I mean, who doesn't want to see a surprise kitten?

"Fourth of July volunteers comforting pets at a shelter."

Volunteers comforting pets at an animal shelter
reddit | baseballspaceball

I love animals, but find animal shelters too upsetting to spend much time in. No idea if these volunteers feel the same way, but credit to them for taking time out of their day to do this.

"8 years for a 2 year degree. Not worth much these days, but it's mine and I worked hard and went through quite a lot for it. Never give up."

Woman at grad ceremony after working for 8 years to get a degree
reddit | dandanaievj

This is a self-deprecating caption, but she shouldn't feel bad about taking so long to get her degree. Getting there is the hard part, no matter how long it took.

"I used to suffer from severe anxiety & depression, but now thanks to art, I’ve found an outlet to express myself and now I can connect with others going through the same things."

Man posing with some of his art
reddit | MEKYAS23

Art gives the artist a chance to create their own universe. Clearly this artist has taken that mantra to heart.

"Charles Barkley drove over to my grandmom's house in 1991 to visit with my dying uncle."

1991 photo of Charles Barkley visiting a dying man
reddit | i-Ake

I wish there was a little more backstory here, because I'd love to know if this was a routine thing for Sir Charles to do back in the day.

"Dad visiting US for the first time, first wish was to see a clean river."

Man fulfilling wish: to see a clean river
reddit | teppolisa

We're not sure where this guy is from that seeing a clean river was such a thrill, but it's good to see him living his dream.

"I told my BF a couple months ago that I’ve never had a birthday party, and yesterday he had a surprise for me."

Surprise party for 21st birthday
twitter | @saradominguez

This is a nice gesture, but after his girlfriend dropped the big hint, he kind of had to do this, right?

"Saw this man sitting by himself at a Waffle House in Midway, Florida. So I said hello and asked him what he was doing with that money. He told me that since 2014, he's been handing out $1s and $5s to strangers, here and elsewhere."

Man sitting in cafe gathering up money to hand out
twitter | @KevinCate

Turns out this guy adds a little note to the money — he isn't soliciting or promoting anything, he's just wishing them a happy day.

"This week, I saw the guy and Duck-Duck (such a stupid name), going for a beer run at the local Mini-Mart. They go for bug runs in the park and beer runs at the Mini-Mart. The bird won't leave. They're bonded. I think it's both of their longest relationships."

Man with a Canada goose he's befriended
twitter | @pdxwildflowers

This is incredible, if only for the fact that Canada geese are hissing danger fowl to pretty much every person they encounter.

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