20 Entitled People Who Are Making Everybody Else's Lives Worse

Ashley Hunte
A post featuring a bitmoji where a mom is asking for a free formula and puree maker.
reddit | jloh217

It's kind of amazing how some people will feel entitled, since they're almost never in a position to act that way. There are a lot of people out there who want something for nothing. Too many, in fact.

They say that beggars can't be choosers. But according to the ChoosingBeggars subreddit, they're definitely going to try. And make everyone else miserable while they're at it.

"You can't use this in your portfolio!"

A request for a logo illustration that states it can't be used for a portfolio, but only pays $20.
reddit | Lavenin

Yeah, this is definitely suspicious. Having commissions that you can't use for a portfolio isn't uncommon, but for that price... it sounds like this person is trying to scam some poor freelancer out there.

"An interaction I had a little while back."

A Discord conversation between a seller and a buyer who wants a more expensive product for less money.
reddit | Marble_Monkey

I wonder if begging someone to give you a more expensive thing for less money has ever worked for anyone. If you want a program, or a product, or anything, you better pay what it's worth.

"Scalper keeps complaining people don’t want to buy overpriced PS5s. This is the third time he’s posted about them!"

A person attempting to scalp PS5 consoles by telling people they can pay more because people overpay for houses.
reddit | LeoRD115

I love the way this person thinks that paying for an overpriced PlayStation is the same as trying to buy a house. I'd trade a PS5 in for a house any day of the week.

"Work for us for free!"

A person asking for "volunteers" to help prune a vineyard.
reddit | kiwiplumber

I don't know a lot about vineyards, but I'm pretty sure pruning one is the kind of work you'd pay someone money to do. And if you don't, maybe you should be doing it yourself.

"Customer is upset that a mattress store won’t… help them move…?"

A review for a mattress store where a person complains that the store wouldn't help them move.
reddit | douchebaggery__

I don't know who needs to hear this, but when you buy a thing from a store, that's usually the end of the transaction (unless they're also delivering it). Asking them to help you move... two full years after you got the thing... is beyond delusional.

"From the Facebook group for my university, lots of people are looking for part time work but the offers are usually decent so this one surprised me."

A job ad for a position that pays $400 per month.
reddit | SuspiciousLookingBee

I think my favorite part of the whole posting is the way it ends with "Only Serious people."

According to comments under the post on Reddit, it's more like $3-5 per hour. Which, to be honest, is still bad.

"After asking for $30 off my Xbox, delivery 40 miles away, now he wants it dropped off for payment some day in the future."

A message for a marketplace listing asking someone to drop an item off a their shop, and saying that they will pay "later."
reddit | soulfire_swordsman

This is the textbook definition of wanting something for nothing. Like, it feels like this dude has no intention of paying OP at all.

"ChoosingBeggar cancels professional photographer for cheap photos, regrets it and demands free photos from professional."

A story in which a wedding planner watches a bride cancel her photographer for a cheaper one, and then get mad that her wedding photos are bad, demanding the planner gives her better oones.
reddit | cricoff

Imagine making a conscious decision to go with a cheaper photographer without doing your research, and then blaming someone else when the pictures end up bad. The audacity of some people.

"Surely they’ll refund your used underwear - including wonderful comments."

A person complaining that a store won't let them return underwear, even though "most of the pairs aren't used and could be resold."
reddit | Robot-Anna

I shouldn't have to explain to anyone why stores don't let you return underwear. I shouldn't have to, and yet it looks like there are some people out there who genuinely don't understand why.

"Dice sponsor offer implies that D&D content creator should pay his cast with sponsor’s dice."

A sales person implying that someone could pay their employees with dice.
reddit | asinglearrow

It's kind of weird to... beg somebody to be an affiliate of yours. It's usually the other way around, I feel. Such a strange exchange.

"Please pay us to house and pet sit!"

An ad for a rental that's actually a pet sitting job.
reddit | sherlockonreleve

Okay, so they want a pet sitter to take care of a dog and... chickens and quail? And do the gardening? And they have to pay to be there? I hope no one took them up on the offer.

For that low of a wage, not a chance!

An ad for a job that pays $2.13 per hour, requiring strong alcohol knowledge and other requirements.
reddit | Meme_God_64

I mean, there are a lot of red flags here. Other than the paltry salary, "You see serving others as a privilege, not as demeaning" is really sticking out to me.

"Anyone willing to break themselves for a whole $200? The neighborhood is slamming this guy bad! Cheapest house in this neighborhood is 1.5M."

A person looking for someone to dig a large hole and two trenches for $200 inclusive.
reddit | oneminutelady

Imagine thinking anyone would dig just one of those trenches for $200, let alone the whole job. Do it yourself or learn how to pay properly.

"Why do people think students don't need/deserve money for their time?!?"

A person asking for law students to do research for free.
reddit | TropicalWildflower

Whether you're a student, or you've been working for 20 years, you shouldn't work for free. Unless you're doing actual volunteer work. But this... it's a job that someone isn't willing to pay for.

"I’d love to watch your dog for like $2 an hour!"

A person looking for a dog sitter for $200 per month.
reddit | R*****_Alert92

I know dogs are cute and all, but that alone isn't enough to want to look after one for basically free. If you really love that dog, you'll figure it out.

"I was giving away a free dishwasher on Craigslist and caught one in the wild!"

A person asking for an extra deal on a free dishwasher.
reddit | nashjoe

I don't know how much more worth someone's while a free dishwasher can be. But I guess some people can't be satisfied with literally free.

"I don’t want a wedding, I just want to fish."

A person who wants to fish at a private lake in an event property.
reddit | DarbCU

I think the funniest thing about this is that... there are other lakes in the world. Who knows why this person feels the urge to fish at this lake, though.

"'Please give me free stuff, and deliver it to my home because I'm busy.'"

A post featuring a bitmoji asking for a puree maker and formula maker, for free, and delivered for free.
reddit | jloh217

It's not enough asking for free stuff, but this mom also wants it delivered... for free? Could she not just, like, bring her kids with her to pick that stuff up? Like, if she really needs it that badly.

"I need at least 10Gb."

A person asking for people to send them 10gb of mobile data for free.
reddit | karv0

You know what you can always do? Buy more data. If you have enough money to pay for a vacation, you probably have enough for the extra charge on your cell bill. Just a thought.

"Ketchup Critics."

A person telling a story about how their neighbor borrowed ketchup and got mad because it was the wrong brand.
reddit | jpdickey

I'm gonna level with you all right now. I straight up can't tell the difference between any ketchup brand. They all taste the same to me.

So this person's audacity over the brand is just baffling. Go buy some if you don't like what your neighbor has.

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