UK TV Interview Makes Light Of Deadly Heat Wave

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A still from the GBNews broadcast.
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The news of various heat waves rolling across nations all around the world have been annoying to some, but actively worrisome to others, with the rising temperatures posing dangers to those less equipped to handle the heat.

Seeming put off by all the negative talk, one news anchor tried to brush off the very real dangers of high temperatures in certain areas and bring some levity instead, to mixed reactions.

This summer is turning out to be a scorcher.

An air conditioner against a building wall.
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So much so, that it's approached dangerous levels in parts of the world, such as the UK, where record high temperatures are creating dangerous environments as many houses lack air conditioning.

It can be very scary for those living through it.

A still from the GBNews broadcast.
youtube | GBNews

Though that fear isn't being felt by all as GBNews host Bev Turner thought it appropriate to try and make light of the situation immediately after being warned that this heat could cause "hundreds of excess deaths".

It began when meteorologist John Hammond gave a warning about the upcoming weather.

A still from the GBNews broadcast.
youtube | GBNews

"By early next week you can scratch 20 degrees. It could very well be 40 degrees," he said, "I think there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of excess deaths next week. The charts that I can see in front of me are frightening."

Forty degrees celsius is upwards of 100 degrees farenheit.

Turner found this to be a bit of a bummer.

A still from the GBNews broadcast.
youtube | GBNews

So she interjected, saying, "So John, I want us to be happy about the weather, and I don’t know whether something has happened to meteorologists to make you all a little bit fatalistic and harbingers of doom."

Seems she was sick of being warned about the upcoming dangers.

A still from the GBNews broadcast.
youtube | GBNews

"All of the broadcasts, particularly on the BBC, every time I’ve turned on, anyone is talking about the weather and they’re saying there’s going to be tons of fatalities. But haven’t we always had hot weather, John?" She asked a now shocked Hammond, who only replied with more data regarding the heat and its risks.

People online have noted that this interview felt eerily similar to a certain movie scene.

A still from Don't Look Up that has the two astrologists speaking to TV hosts about the incoming meteor.
IMDb | Netflix

Don't Look Up is a 2021 film about two astronomers who are trying to warn earth about an incoming meteor.

The film has a segment where said astronomers, played by Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio, are on a talk show telling people about the danger the meteor poses while the hosts only joke about it in return.

Life imitates art, I guess?

While everyone wishes the news was happier, that's no excuse to deny the warnings being given to us. Ignoring heat waves won't make them go away after all. So please, stay safe and stay cool, and dream of chilly autumn days!

h/t: Deadline