Swipe Left! Christie Brinkley, 68, Says She'll 'Never' Use Dating Apps

Rae Batchelor
Christie Brinkley crossing her arms in front of her chest.
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Supermodel Christie Brinkley is opening up about her love life in a new interview.

Dating is hard at any age, but especially for women who are getting older. Sometimes it feels like your options are narrowing down — just ask Martha Stewart who recently admitted she mostly just has crushes on her friends' husbands. But that doesn't mean that the only option left for women over 40 is to get on a dating app — especially not if that woman is former supermodel Christie Brinkley.

Christie Brinkley's love life has been pretty special.

Christie Brinkley smiling in a two-piece next to a palm tree.
instagram | @christiebrinkley

Christie has been married four times, once to rock star Billy Joel, and was rumored to be dating singer John Mellencamp until late in 2020. Christie has three children, Alexa Ray Joel, Jack Paris Brinkley, and Sailor Brinkley Cook.

In a new interview, Christie was asked about the future of her love life.

Specifically, the 68-year-old model was asked if she would consider using a dating app to find the next love of her life, and her response was pretty clear: "nope, never," she said.

"My love life is that I love life," Christie went on.

"The love of my life is my life," she said, but that didn't stop her from revealing her ideal date.

"Take me for a sail," Christie said, adding that her dream date "would have a great sense of humor and zest for life."

Christie also opened up about the dating advice she gives her kids.

"I tell them you need laughter and trust," she said.

"The type of trust you can only have with someone who is willing to go through the ups and downs with you. And of course, romance!"

We couldn't agree with her more!

h/t: Fox News