President Biden Has Covid, White House Says

Ryan Ford
President Biden speaking at a podium outdoors and smiling
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President Joe Biden has tested positive for Covid-19, the White House said in a statement Thursday.

Per the statement, the 79-year-old president is experiencing only mild symptoms so far, and is fully vaccinated, including two booster shots. He has also begun taking Paxlovid, an antiviral pill that can reduce the likelihood of hospitalization, to ease symptoms.

At present, President Biden is isolating but still working, according to the statement.

President Biden sitting in the Oval Office, holding a pen and a piece of paper, looking thoughtful
Facebook | The White House

President Biden is continuing to meet with his staff via Zoom and phone, rather than in-person.

"Once he tests negative, he will return to in-person work," Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre wrote in the statement. Jean-Pierre also noted that the White House will continue to provide daily updates on the president's condition until he tests negative.

It's unclear when President Biden may have contracted the virus, or if he may have come into close contacts with others while contagious.

As NBC News reported, President Biden attended a climate change event in Massachusetts Wednesday, which brought him into contact with Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, climate envoy John Kerry, and climate advisor Gina McCarthy.

At present, Vice-President Kamala Harris has no plans to change her schedule, which currently has her in North Carolina to meet with state leaders, NBC reported.

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