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Katharine McPhee, 38, Sparks Debate After Posting PDA Pics With Hubby David Foster, 72

Before we get started — YES, Katharine McPhee Foster is 38 and her husband, David Foster is 72. Look, there's no denying Hollywood is filled with age-gap relationships, it's kind of like what Hollywood is known for. I mean, also like moves and stuff but, an older man marrying a young woman is a tale as old as time.

Of course, the most scrutinized age-gap couple is Katharine and David, who have 35 years between them.

However, if there was one couple that really does not care what anyone has to say, it's Katharine McPhee and David Foster — I'm serious.

Do you think Katharine didn't know people would have issues with the photos she posted of herself making out with David recently? Of course, she did, but she's living her best life anyway!

It's no secret that Katharine has no problem showing her hubby some major PDA.

And to be fair, he seems equally as obsessed with her (as he should be) — remember when he faced so much backlash for praising her post-baby bod?

Now, Katharine is really sticking it to anyone who has an issue with their love by posting a series of PDA-filled pics on Instagram.

"Poor guy," she captioned the photos, "too bad he doesn’t get very much attention."

I see what you did there, Katharine... A JOKE!

Her fans immediately got sassy in the comments, joking that they couldn't wait to see what haters had to say.

"I love this! Also a pre-emptive [eye-roll] at the trolls who will no doubt be butthurt about this photo lol! You do you Kat!" wrote one fan.

"Love these 2 together. At first i was like what in the world. Now i think seeing them together they are such a nice couple," echoed a different supporter.

Of course, that didn't stop the negative comments from rolling in.

"He better thank god for Viagra! No way would that thing work by itself.. Too old!" wrote one troll.

"You better give him a lot of attention as his 4th wife," said another.

"If he was the old dude that worked at the local Best Buy, beat you wouldn’t be married to him," said a different user.

Well, the joke is really on all of them, isn't it? She's married to a multimillionaire and has a cute baby!