Alicia Silverstone Defends Decision To Still Co-Sleep With 11-Year-Old Son Bear

Taylor Sakellis
alicia silverstone hugging her son bear
instagram | @aliciasilverstone

Alicia Silverstone is known for her rather eclectic parenting style. Remember when she told us she fed her son Bear Blu like a baby bird? Alicia faced backlash at the time for feeding her son vegan masticated morsels and is now preparing to come under fire once again for revealing that she and Bear, now 11, still sleep in the same bed.

Okay sorry, before we get started, I've got to bring it back to that baby bird thing. I feel like we didn't process it properly back in 2011.

As fans may recall, Alicia posted the video of her then 11-month-old son Bear eating her pre-chewed food on her website.

It was a BONKAS time for both the world and Alicia.

As we know, this was far from the last time Alicia would be critiqued for her parenting methods.

Alicia has raised her son Bear on a vegan diet, which has conflicting studies, but ultimately the young man appears to be happy and healthy!

The actress has famously said her son is so calm and well-behaved thanks to his vegan diet.

"A lot of it is the parenting, but a lot of it is the food," the Clueless actress claimed back in 2019. "When your kid feels good, they act well."

Alicia hasn't spoken too much about parenting in the past few years, however, during a recent appearance on "The Ellen Fisher" podcast, the "Clueless" actress revealed something major.

“Bear and I still sleep together," she told the controversial YouTuber, before joking that she would “get in trouble for” her comment.

"I don’t really care," Alicia laughed.

“I’m a natural mama, and I’m a loving mama. I believe in love, I believe in nature and our society is scared of nature and love," she added, as per Us Weekly.

Well, there you have it, folks!

h/t: Us Weekly