Home Depot Is Turning Halloween On Its Head With Upside-Down Trees

Kasia Mikolajczak
Halloween pumpkin with smoke
Unsplash | Colton Sturgeon

Let me ask you something, do you go all-out for Halloween? I try to. But I admit I need to step it up.

So I was recently scrolling on the Home Depot website when I stumbled upon something really amazing. If you're a fan of Halloween like I am, I think you're going to love this one. But don't take my word for it — you need to check it out ASAP.

Are you fond of Christmas trees?

Oh, yeah? That's great. So have you thought of putting up a Christmas tree for other occasions too? I know some people like to do that, and I have to say I dig the idea. I have seen some cool ones decorated for Valentine's Day or even the Fourth of July.

But what about Halloween?

man taking off his sunglasses with words "say what?" written on the screen

Well, I'm here to show you the best Halloween idea ever. Home Depot is selling a black tree that you can put up for Halloween. And get this — it's upside down, too. Say what? OMG, how cool is that? I can't get over that concept. It's pretty fabulous, no?

This is what I mean.

black upside down Halloween tree with purple lights
Home Depot | Home Depot

Oh my goodness! Check this out. This artificial 7-foot-tall pine tree is to be displayed upside-down. And get this — it also comes with amazing purple LED lights! Ahhh! I love that! If this isn't the coolest thing ever, I don't know what is, ha, ha.

Are you freaking out about this like I am?

black upside down Halloween tree
Home Depot | Home Depot

This wicked tree comes with hinged branches and a foldable metal base, which makes it easy to assemble, dismantle and store away. Yipeee! Its unique black design will definitely be an eye-catching addition to your holiday decor. And I think all your friends will be totally jealous.

Can you picture this baby in your house?

black upside down Halloween tree from Home Depot
Home Depot | Home Depot

I sure can, hee-hee. I'm already starting to see it all in my head. With this spooktacular upside-down tree, the decorating possibilities are virtually endless. You can dress it up as much as you want or keep it low-key. It's all up to you.

I can't get over it.

woman flipping her hair in excitement
Giphy | CBC

This is literally the coolest thing I've ever seen. And now I'm getting even more excited for this year's Halloween. I know it's still a long way to go but just thinking of this tree makes me want to spread up the time, haha.

Isn't this fantastic or what?

black upside down Halloween tree with purple LED lights
Home Depot | Home Depot

Aha! I love that the three comes with these cool 400 UL-listed purple LED lights. When you put it up, it will create an instant spooky and mysterious atmosphere in your house. And I, for one, am after that for Halloween.

What do you think of that?

black upside down Christmas tree
Home Depot | Home Depot

And get a load of this idea. You can totally re-use it for Christmas too. What? All you have to do is to create a scene like this. Holy moly! I've never seen anything like that. What a creative way to do something a little different for Christmas, huh?

So, are you sold on this idea?

Dan Levy from Schitt's Creek saying "It's perfect."
Giphy | CBC

I sure am! In fact, I absolutely love it, and I have to get my hands on this tree. If I don't, it's going to haunt me for the rest of the year, ha, ha. I don't know about you, but I think it's worth spending about $160. After all, it's something so unique that you won't regret it.