I'm Very Upset With A Chef Who Turned McDonald's Fries And Nuggets Into Pasta

Jordan Claes
TikTok user eating McDonald's that was turned into tortellini.
TikTok | @dannygrubs

There's no debating that McDonald's food is beloved all over the world, but you'd never go as far as to call it a gourmet dish. At least, not until today.

TikTok user @dannygrubs, along with chef Amy Brandwein, have officially done the impossible and have turned a McDonald's Happy Meal into a gourmet dish. Surprisingly, the whole process has left several "foodies" wanting more.

McDonald's Restaurant is the preferred comfort food for billions of people all over the world.

Photo of McDonald's restaurant from the parking lot.
Unsplash | Thabang

On average, Mcdonald's sells roughly 4500 hamburgers a minute. That's 270,000 every hour and 6.48 million every single day. That's a heck of a lot of beef.

Over the years, a variety of recurring menu items have become mainstays and fan favorites.

Box of McNuggets.
Unsplash | Lucas van Oort

The two that come to mind are of course Mcdonald's fries and their tasty Chicken McNuggets. It's tough to imagine how these tasty sides could get any better.

Recently, a TikTok user who goes by the handle @DannyGrubs decided to put that to the test.

Chef Amy Brandwein holding a Happy Meal in her kitchen.
TikTok | @dannygrubs

Dany decided to enlist the help of award-winning chef, Amy Brandwein, to help him put a new spin on an old favorite.

Danny wanted to see if it was possible for Chef Amy to turn his McDonald's Happy Meal into a gourmet dish.

Chef Amy Brandwein making pastry dough.
TikTok | @dannygrubs

Amy began by combining milk, water, salt, butter, and all-purpose flour to make pâte à choux — a kind of delicate pastry dough.

Once Amy had her desired consistency, she mixed in an egg and set it aside.

Chef Amy Brandwein making choux paste.
TikTok | @dannygrubs

From there, she added the fries into the food processor, along with the choux pastry. Once everything was incorporated, Amy added a dash of salt and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

Next came the time to add the Chicken McNuggets and apple pie filling into the processor.

Girl getting hit in the face with chicken nuggets.
Giphy | McDonald's CZ/SK

Next, Amy emptied the contents of the processor into a piping bag. She then grabbed some pasta dough and set out to make tortellini.

Once the tortellini was filled and folded, Amy set her sights on making bread crumbs from the pie crusts.

Chef Amy Brandwein filling tortellini with Chicken McNugget filling.
TikTok | @dannygrubs

With the breadcrumbs set aside and ready to go, Amy retrieved a packet of McDonald's Sweet & Sour sauce, combined with melted butter, to make a sauce reduction.

While the tortellini finished cooking, Amy chopped up some fresh chives and garnished the plate with thin apple slices.

Chef Amy garnishing her McDonald's gourmet dish.
TikTok | @dannygrubs

Chef Amy's completed dish is unrecognizable from when Danny handed her the cardboard box of ingredients. It looked like something you'd find in a Michelin Star restaurant.

However, the vast majority of Danny's followers weren't exactly blown away with the finished product.

Michael Scott in 'The Office' screaming "NO!"

"Bro all that food turned into 3 pieces of pasta," fellow TikTok user @the.fool.18 commented.

"No one gonna talk abt[sic] how much went into that and how little it was," another user replied.

Danny's followers couldn't help but feel slighted at receiving such a small portion.

Stack of $100 bills.
Unsplash | Giorgio Trovato

However, smaller plates and portion sizes are incredibly common among fine dining establishments. Luxury restaurants source ingredients from all over the world, which in turn affects production costs and price.

Despite the overwhelming outrage, there were still those who were blown away by Chef Amy's ingenuity.

"She took a subpar Happy Meal and transformed it to a sweet and savory pasta dish. It’s brilliant," @elijahderby said.

I don't know about you, but I'm loving it.