Mom Sparks Debate After Making Daughter Sign Lease To Live In Family Home

Lex Gabrielle
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When you are a parent, you have to make some tough decisions about your children as they get older and grow up. Some kids decide to move out on their own right away when they turn 18. Other kids decide to stay home with their parents as they feel they are unable or not ready to live on their own.

Some parents have rules for their kids who stay home when they are older.

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When a child turns 18, they are technically an adult. So, some parents treat their kids as such in their home, despite still living at home with mom and dad.

One mom recently went viral online when she shared her plans for her 18-year-old daughter in her home.

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TikTok user c_d_g shared a video where she showcased that she gave her daughter a lease to read and sign in order to say living in her home, despite being her own child.

In the video, she claims she is setting her up for success.

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The mom believes giving her daughter a lease is a teachable moment, so she can understand the ins and outs of a lease, and that she is setting her up for a successful future.

People online disagreed.

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People online thought that 18 years old was too young to be paying rent or signing a lease. "I could understand after college or something but fresh out of high school I would just leave and never talk to my mom again," one TikTok user said.

Others shared that their own parents did this and it went poorly.

"My parents did this and we no longer talk! So good luck, I guess," shared one person.

“'Setting her up for success' bro you’re setting her up to never speak to you again," another agreed.

In a follow-up video, the TikTok user shared that her own parents failed to set her up for her future.

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She shared in a follow-up TikTok video that she was pregnant very young in her teenage years and her parents had not set her up for the reality of the real world.

She said in her area, to rent an apartment you need some sort of "renter history."

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The mom said to rent an apartment, landlords want to see a history that you have previously paid for an apartment and bills on time and that you are able to afford housing. By giving her daughter a lease, she has "renter history" now for when she moves out.

She also said the "rent" is the only bill she needs to pay.

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The mom added her daughter doesn't pay any other bills, like car insurance or a phone bill, just the rent for the lease agreement she is giving her.

The mom also said her daughter was on board.

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Her daughter was in agreement with everything in the lease, with one small adjustment to her curfew. The mom said she wanted it to be "legal" and real so that her daughter fully understands what it means to be responsible for a lease.

Still, after her explanation, people still felt it was wrong.

"Girl no! Is so wrong, you should talk to your teen daughter and explain you save money, think about how she is gonna feel to have to work and pay rent," said one TikTok user.

However, another said they did something similar.

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"What I did with my kids was that I did charge them rent but I saved it and once they moved out I returned it to them," said another parent in the comments.