Apparently, We Shouldn't Be Putting Our Swimsuits In The Washing Machine

Lex Gabrielle
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Everyone loves to spend their summers outside trying to beat the heat. That may include spending days in the swimming pool, at the park running through sprinklers, or even at the beach in the ocean. However you like to say cool during the summer, bathing suits are a sample of our summer wardrobe. One thing we have to do in order to keep our swimsuits looking their best is by washing them regularly.

Many people put their swimsuits in the washing machine.

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The easiest way to wash swimsuits, as many believe, is to throw them in the laundry along with your other clothing. Throwing them in the washing machine is a surefire way to get them thoroughly clean.

However, washing machines can be harsh on the swimsuit material.

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Swimsuit materials can be rather delicate and washing them in the washing machine can cause ripping, pilling, and ruin the swimsuit entirely. It will most definitely shorten the swimsuit's lifespan.

Experts say that you should truly avoid washing machines for swimsuits altogether,

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"Your swimsuit should never see the inside of a washing machine, and should only be hand-washed in cold water," says Blakely Wickstrom who is the designer and founder of sustainable swim brand Galamaar.

One TikTok user, who goes by Neat Caroline, shares cleaning hacks and tricks on her TikTok channel.

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In one video, Caroline shares the right way to wash a swimsuit so that it will stay fresh and clean, and intact, for a long time. All you need is some detergent and a sink.

First, rinse your swimsuit in the sink.

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Caroline shares you should first run the sink with some cool water and rinse out any water, chlorine, sunscreen, or anything else in the sink. Move the swimsuit around in your hands to wash things out.

Next, fill the sink with water and add 1 tsp of detergent.

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Make sure that the detergent that you use is "gentle" detergent. Using other types of detergent can be harsh on swimsuits and some detergent has harsh chemicals in them.

Next, massage the swimsuit in the water and detergent.

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Massage your bathing suit in the sink with the water and detergent so that it can soak in the detergent and truly get clean. Make sure to get the inside of the swimsuit, too.

Next, drain the water from the sink.

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Wash the detergent out from the swimsuit in the sink with cool water and make sure to get all crevices. You don't want to keep too much soap inside or it can cause irritation.

Next, lay your swimsuit out on a towel and roll it up like a burrito.

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This will soak out any excess water in the towel so that you don't have too much and it doesn't take a long time to actually dry the swimsuit out.

Then, lay the swimsuit flat to finish drying.

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After you get out the excess water, lay the swimsuit flat out on a towel to airdry. It shouldn't take too long as you have already rung ou majority of the water prior to when you rolled it up.

People on TikTok appreciated the help.

Many said this is how they need to wash their swimsuits, as they fall apart frequently. Another person shared, "My grandma’s hack was to put the bathing suit at the bottom of the shower and wash it with your shampoo and soap and then hang to dry in the shower."