20 People Who Have Something Pretty Different Going On

Woman's pupils after anesthesia: one normal, one huge
reddit | -Blink182-

There are close to eight billion people on our planet, but that doesn't mean we can't all be unique. Somehow, despite the crowd, each and every one of us manages to stand out in some way.

It could be argued that some people are more unique than others, though, and that description would fit many of the people in this list. The body can be weird, and here's proof.

"Only half of my face sweats and turns red."

Comparison showing how half of woman's face sweats while the other turns red
reddit | merriedeath1

I have two thoughts here: first off, I don't understand how this is possible. Secondly, it must be a major pain to only feel sweat and heat on one side of your face. It would be unnerving to say the least.

"I have a birthmark that is heart-shaped on my ring finger."

Heart-shaped birthmark on person's ring finger
reddit | JakeDaDerp

It seems appropriate that something heart-shaped would be on the ring finger, considering that's the finger we typically put engagement and wedding rings on. It's just a shame that it isn't on the left ring finger instead.

"I was born with a hole at the top of my ear that used to 'cry' when I cried as a baby"

Ear with small hole at top
reddit | l_bb0

This fascinated me to the point that I had to research it. Turns out it's a thing: a preauricular pit, which occupies the hollow between the face and the cartilage of the ear rim.

"My daughter has a heart-shaped fleck in her eye."

Eye with heart-shaped fleck in pupil
reddit | Myksyk

Here we go again with heart-shaped stuff on the human body. Pupils can hide all sorts of interesting things, from multiple colors to birthmarks to, well, some other stuff we'll see a little later on.

"I've got a pointed ear."

An unusually pointy ear
reddit | sonypicturess

Cosplayers go to great lengths to make them look like Link from The Legend of Zelda, but this person has their elfin ears baked right into their look. I wonder what kind of hereditary machinations would cause something like this.

"My dog bite looks like a smiley face."

Dog bite that looks like a smiley face
reddit | fazereign

Plenty of things in the world look like a smiley face if you squint your eyes a little bit. Well, let's add one more thing: this dog bite looks pretty smiley, wouldn't you say?

"My left foot is way bigger than my right foot."

Comparison showing left foot bigger than right foot
reddit | deepblue432

I'm sincerely glad I don't have to deal with this, because it would be such a hassle to buy two different pairs of shoes each time. Maybe you could find somebody with the same thing going on with opposite feet.

"I have a witch eye, and another one with a cornea donated from a deceased person."

Woman with a witch eye and other eye donated from cadaver
reddit | Guitarfoxx

It's safe to say that her eyes have much more of a story than my eyes do. I mean, one of them wasn't even originally hers.

"Recently dislocated and broke my ankle. While healing, the leg with the injury is growing significantly more hair."

Comparison showing that leg that's undergone surgery grows hair faster
reddit | natejx

We get used to the amount of hair our bodies can grow, but then things get completely out of whack when we have to wear a cast for an extended period.

"I have a birthmark in my eye. It's called a sectoral heterochromia."

Eye with sectoral heterochromia
reddit | injaneinthemembrane

Regular heterochromia usually results in two eyes being different colors, but sectoral heterochromia is a little different, as it causes an individual eye to display two different colors.

"The fingernails on my left hand stopped growing after bone fracture repair surgery on my left arm. Cut the nails on both hands the day before surgery. This is one week after surgery."

Photo comparing fingernail growth after surgery
reddit | meerschwin

I wouldn't mind having finger nails that never needed to be trimmed again, but going through surgery doesn't seem worth it.

"My dad got a shard of steel stuck in his eye."

Close-up of shard of steel stuck in eye
reddit | itmeandrearussett

The caption for this photo suggests something far more gory than the photo would indicate. I'm guessing it was a lot harder to look at immediately after it happened, though.

"My arm after grinding fiberglass all day."

Arm covered with fiberglass dust after working with fiberglass
reddit | P3ngulLGOG

Fiberglass is one of those useful materials that you want to be extremely careful when working around, because fiberglass dust is no joke. I'm sure this person took proper safety precautions, but this photo still fills me with anxiety.

"My nose looks just like a baby's nose from the front."

Woman whose nose looks like a baby's nose
reddit | jubileeblais

This is kind of a niche thing to have going on: a nose that's pretty normal in all respects, except for the fact that it looks uncannily like a baby's nose.

"I have an extra tooth on the roof of my mouth!"

Man with an extra tooth on the roof of his mouth
reddit | Ima_Dimma_Do_Ya_Mam

Speaking of baby-like features, here's someone who apparently has another set of teeth that hasn't come in yet. This is probably a fluke. Either that, or he's part shark.

"My daughter wanted to see her teeth under a black light. Got a suprise by the blackheads on her nose that showed as fluro orange."

Blackheads showing up as orange under a black light
reddit | thejdogz

This is kind of cool while simultaneously being kind of gross. If you're ever wondering what your blackhead situation is, just buy a black light.

"Both of my eyes are split between two colors."

Man with dual-colored eyes
reddit | magivictus

We've talked a little bit about heterochromia, so I'm assuming this is some kind of sectoral heterochromia. The distribution of the different colors is a little different from one eye to the other.

"Unexpected eye difference after anesthesia."

Woman's pupils after anesthesia: one normal, one huge
reddit | -Blink182-

This is only temporary (I'm assuming), but it would still be somewhat weird to see your face looking like this after surgery. I wonder if it simply looked weird, or if her vision was messed up by her pupils.

"None of my fingers (or toes) have middle knuckles, and its hereditary."

Person's fingers have no middle knuckle
reddit | Silence31603

I've seen this before, and it kind of blows my mind. Like, how do people like this bend their fingers? I suppose it all works out, but it's still a bizarre sight to see.

"Each of my hands are different size, shape and color."

Person's hands are different size, shape and color

What do you do if your hands look like they don't belong to the same person? Is it good luck? Bad luck? Beats me, as I suppose luck is whatever you want to make of it. In any event, you can post your bodily uniqueness to Reddit to get some sweet internet points.

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