Teen Mom Takes Toddler As Her Prom Date

Ashley Hunte
Melissa Mccabe and her son Arthur getting ready for prom.
TikTok | @melissaabby14

There comes a time in every teen's life when they have to decide who to go to prom with. A friend group? A date? Flying solo? The possibilities are seemingly endless.

One teen mom, though, decided to bring a date that no one else was bound to have: her toddler son. A TikTok showing pictures from her prom experience has gone viral recently.

TikTok user Melissa Mccabe (@melissaabby14) posted her video on July 1st.

Melissa Mccabe posing for a prom photo.
TikTok | @melissaabyy14

The video consists of a collage of pictures showing herself and the special little man in her life, getting dressed up and ready for the big day.

Text overlay at the beginning of the video reads, "Everyone going to prom with their boyfriends whereas I took my biggest blessing."

Melissa's son, Arthur, dressed to impress.
TikTok | @melissaabby14

She then shows her son, 1-year-old Arthur, in an absolutely adorable suit, followed by pics of the two together in rapid-fire succession.

The TikTok went absolutely viral in the days following its upload.

As of July 13th, the video has garnered over 1.6 million views, as well as over 220k likes, and a few thousand comments. Many commenters couldn't get over how cute and wholesome the video was.

So many commenters had nothing but positive things to say.

Melissa and her son sharing a special moment in a prom photo.
TikTok | @melissaabby14

"That’s one of the most cutest videos I’ve ever seen awh bless," one user wrote.

"Wow this is so cute I wish you and him the best," said another commenter.

Of course, being a teen mom hasn't always been easy for Mccabe.

The feet of a newborn baby.
Unsplash | Omar Lopez

Mccabe had her son at 15, and has been raising him with the support of her brother and sister-in-law. She's been on the receiving end of a number of negative comments throughout this time, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Some believed that she wouldn't be able to get her GCSE.

A person in a grad gown holding up a hat with a tassel.
Unsplash | Albert Vincent Wu

But Mccabe worked hard and got her GCSE, which would be the U.K. equivalent of a high school diploma. She plans to study health and social care in college.

"Often people think he’s my little brother and when I tell them he’s mine their attitude completely changes."

A baby stroller in the middle of a busy area.
Unsplash | freestocks

But when she brought her son to prom, she'd received a lot of positive comments and compliments from other students and teachers.

"All of the teachers were saying how gorgeous he looked."

Lights and disco balls in a dimly lit room.
Unsplash | Fidel Fernando

She went on to say, "It was so nice because people who I don’t normally even speak to were coming up and saying how cute Arthur is and saying how proud they are of me."

She had also received a lot of support from her school during this time.

A laptop open to a word processing software, as well as an open notebook.
Unsplash | Nick Morrison

"My deputy head and my form tutor especially have been so supportive throughout it all," said. "They’re the people who’ve got me through the bad times being a mum."

It's hard not to want to wish Mccabe and her son all the best.

Mom in blue prom dress holds her toddler, in a grey suit, by the arm, appearing to dance on a purple carpet, in front of a fireplace
TikTok | @melissaabby14

Being a parent is tough, and being a teen parent is especially challenging. But Mccabe's story shows that with enough support, any mom can make a future for herself and her child.

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