Beckham Family Stalker Tried To Take Daughter Harper, 11, From School

Taylor Sakellis
beckham family posing for new years day
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Unbeknownst to fans, David and Victoria Beckham have been dealing with a stalker for half a decade. The superstar couple had been getting increasingly threatening letters in the mail from a woman claiming to be in a relationship with David.

Now, fans are getting an inside look at the torment this high-profile couple had been dealing with, including the scariest moment that involved their daughter, Harper.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Victoria and David Beckham have been dealing with a stalker for five years.

The 58-year-old woman was charged for harassing the famous family with threatening letters and even an attempt to kidnap their youngest child, Harper, from school by claiming she was her mother.

"I'm Harper's mother. I'm here to pick her up," the woman told the prep school back in November, as per "The Daily Mail."

District Judge Michael Snow ruled she was a risk to the Beckham's and their four children (Harper, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz) because she was "obsessed with the family."

In a statement read to Westminster Magistrates Court, David wrote: "I felt like the language in the letters was escalating and becoming more emotional and threatening to me and my family - and this worried me."

"She appeared with no warning, making the threat more targeted and intimidating.

I felt helpless and angry that there was nothing I could do."

Victoria also had a statement read, which explained the fears she has now for her children.

"Due to the volume of attention [my husband and I receive from fans], we are rarely informed of the nature of communications from fans," her statement read. "I tried to protect her and I am worried about her safety."

"I am very concerned and anxious about Harper going to the park or being taken on school trips," the Spice Girl added.

The publication reports that the 58-year-old will be detained under the Mental Health act.

Hopefully, this can give the family a little peace of mind!

h/t: Daily Mail