Thoroughly Wholesome Celeb-Fan Encounters That Got Us Good

Ashley Hunte
Robin Williams posing with a fan
twitter | @ShaneScottravis

The phrase "don't meet your heroes" usually only applies to a few celebrities who might seem a lot nicer on screen than they are in real life. But a lot of celebrities are actually super nice, down to earth, normal people who don't mind meeting up with fans from time to time.

In this list, fans take to Twitter and other social media sites to share the wholesome celebrity encounters they were lucky enough to have.

"Went to Anthony Bourdain book signing + dinner. He hadn’t eaten, so I asked if he wanted to share my plate."

Even if you're the kind of person who hates sharing food, you'd probably be perfectly happy having someone like Anthony Bourdain share your plate. He really was gone too soon.

"When I interviewed [Mark Hamill], he was charming, funny and full of wisdom. I even got a photo featuring the infamous Hamill Point."

I can't be the only one who gets cool uncle vibes from Mark Hamill, right? I'm glad he's as nice as he seems.

"I met Sigourney Weaver and told her that everybody she played in a movie, I wanted to grow up and be."

No matter how famous you are, nothing beats getting a genuine compliment from someone who means every word they say.

"Tom Hanks. Warm, engaging and such fun."

Tom Hanks is absolutely one of those celebrities that are exactly as nice as they appear. In fact, that time he swore at a crowd for pushing his wife is probably one of the only times he's gotten angry in public.

"Met Mr. Rogers on the set of his neighborhood. His warm up included singing hello to Handyman Negri, who sang back."

Mr. Rogers was one of those rare people who could literally do no wrong. I don't think anyone had anything bad to say about him.

"My favorite celebrity encounter: running into Muhammad Ali at the South Bend airport."

So not only did this person get to speak to one of the greatest boxers in the world, but they got an autographed drawing too? Talk about incredible luck.

"Met Harrison Ford during one of his documentary show."

My favorite celeb encounter stories are the ones where the fan is kind of nervous, but the celeb completely puts them at ease. It just shows that famous people care about those around them.

"I met Carole King when I worked in Congress."

I feel like a lot of celebrities are probably extraverts who love talking to other people. Still, it must feel so nice when someone so famous is focusing solely on you.

"I heard Stevie Wonder sing. He overheard me saying how much I wanted to give him a hug, and came over and I did."

I'm sure any celebrity would know when a nearby fan is talking about them. It was really nice of Stevie Wonder to break the ice here!

"Interviewed George Takei when he was in Korea. He gave a candid, heartfelt, insightful 60-minute interview."

So not only did he agree to record the message, but he went out of his way to make sure it was perfect? Class act right there.

"I met Meryl Streep in 2011. I told her how amazing she is and she went 'AWWWW!'"

It's kind of amazing how a woman who can pretty much do anything can also have so much humility. Some people really have it all.

"Had a pitch meeting with Spielberg, scheduled 30 minutes but he stayed almost 90."

You're always going to be afraid that a well-known name in your field will look down on you, but hearing about all the respect Spielberg had in this story has restored a little bit of my faith in humanity.

"I got to meet Bryan Cranston (towards the end of Breaking Bad) and he was so sweet and kind and friendly and even strangled me for a photo."

Basically, this fan was living the dream. Don't you just love it when an actor has a sense of humor?

"Robin Williams was an absolute gem to work with."

Another kindhearted celeb that was gone entirely too soon. Hearing stories like this show how much Robin Williams really impacted the lives of any person who was lucky enough to meet him.

"Only told this story last weekend on [Dolly Parton]'s birthday."

I feel like if there's one celeb everyone wants to meet someday, it's Dolly Parton. She seems like such a kind and funny person, and it's nice to know that she's actually like that!

"I was 11 when my family was in same hotel as Carrie Fisher."

I love the way Carrie Fisher just had to prove that little fan wrong, in the coolest way possible. This is the kind of story that sticks with you for a long time.

"As they drove away she asked me what my name was and I said, [Bruno Mars]."

I don't know what's better, the fact that the woman didn't know who Dwayne Johnson was, or the way he handled it with humor and kindness. Talk about a cool, nice dude.

"Guys, more tears. Paul Rudd is an amazing human being. Brody and Paul are on texting terms now."

A note to Brody from Paul Rudd: "Dear Brody - It was great talking to you the other day. Ot's important to remember that even when life is tough that things get better. There are so many people that love you and think you're the coolest kid there is - me being one of them! I can't wait to see all the amazing things you're going to accomplish. Your pal, Paul."
Facebook | Cassandra Cooper

Paul Rudd really went above and beyond when he reached out to a kid going through a rough patch and sent him a signed Ant-Man helmet and heartfelt note. That kid must be beyond the moon right now!

"Keanu Reeves was on my flight from London to NYC today."

Apparently, the kid had a lot of questions (like, a lot), but Keanu Reeves never lost his patience, and answered with kindness. Andrew Kimmel, who posted the Twitter thread, called Reeves a "class act."

"Joseph Quinn getting emotional because of all the love from fans GOD HES PERFECT."

This video, where a fan thanks Quinn for being so kind and going above and beyond for his fans, literally made me tear up a little too. Talk about wholesome.